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Looking for a life coach Johannesburg? Debbie Edwards provides inspirational life coaching sessions to clients in Johannesburg Gauteng.  With many years of experience and life coaching skills she is your first choice for a life coach in Johannesburg.

Get a Life You Love – At Any Age – Through Transformation Coaching

You know there is more to life, but what is it? What is my purpose?

How do I let go of anger, low self-esteem, low confidence for good?

How do I find a job that I look forward to going to each day?

How do I find inner peace and love in my life?

“One of the greatest gifts on earth, is to live your purpose every day”…Debbie Edwards

Master Transformation Coach Johannesburg

Whatever is important to you (for the good of yourself and others), is what I will help you achieve in your life.  It is my purpose in this life, to inspire you to live a life you love and love the life you live.  This means in any one or more of the following areas in your life: family, career, finances, spiritual (self-awareness), socially, physically and/or mentally.

lifecoachjohannesburgIn order to do this you must know your values and live in accordance with your conscious values and by doing this you will steer your own ship.  It is therefore important to know yourself, know what you have at your disposal every day in order to help you achieve abundance in one or more areas of your life.

Reaching that point of knowing yourself, having the necessary tools to get you through life, will be your compass to your life purpose, which is so liberating for yourself.  This then brings inner peace, abundance of wealth, freedom and success to your life.

The question is why don’t we do what we are truly passionate about? That is because we have fears and negative limiting beliefs that hold us back, as well as emotional blocks such as low self-esteem, anger and anxiety.

I will coach and mentor you to set you free from fears, negative limiting beliefs, dissipate your anger or suppressed anger, and raise your self-esteem so  you walk and talk with confidence and move you to a place in your life that will truly resonate with you and all you are passionate about.

Additionally I will also define your hierarchy of values which will set you in the direction of your goals and dreams, provide you with tools for financial freedom and tools to continuously create your goals for success.

I believe that we all deserve to live an abundant life of happiness, peace and love while enjoying financial freedom.

Know Yourself, Let Go Of All That Holds You Back, Have A Job You Are Passionate About And Live a Meaningful and Fulfilled Life


Life Coaching Johannesburg

Transformation Life Coach Services

Exceptional Transformation



If you are not growing from within and stagnating, you are not living a full life.  Raise your Self-Esteem and Self-Image and live your life the way you deserve to live

Learn More

Anger Management


When you hurt others in Anger you hurt yourself by living with regret and guilt afterwards.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Use this opportunity to overcome Anger with powerful techniques

Learn More

Values and Motivation


When your values are clear to you, instantly you are more aware of where your ship is heading.  Then you start to steer your ship in the direction of what it is that you truly desire

Learn More


Choosing the right Career


This inspiring career guidance package is designed specifically for students wanting to know what career path to follow. Then follow a successful program to overcome self-esteem, fears or limiting beliefs

Learn More

Retrenched or Facing Retirement


Being retrenched or facing retirement can be soul destroying and can affect you or your loved ones for many years after.

There is life after this. Take the opportunity now to create a new, liberating life for yourself

Learn More

Unhappily Employed


Sometimes you must first do the things you don’t like to do, in order to find out what it is you do want to do. Follow a successful program to identify your true passion. Then overcome fears, self-esteem and limiting beliefs

Learn More

What is Transformation Coaching?

Transformation Coaching is a professional system of accelerating desired changes in order to inspire your personal growth. It is the science of achieving a fruitful, sustainable, and fulfilled life, and the art of creating a lasting positive change through the conscious realignment of positive beliefs by nurturing life-affirming values. That’s a mouthful, but in essence, Transformation Coaching is simply the act of helping people succeed.

Transformation coaching guides people through the mirages of their own personal limitation, and empowers individuals to rise to new heights, overcome all obstacles, and permanently dispel old patterns of thought and behavior that do not serve them.


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About Life Coach Johannesburg


With the fast-paced, active, and unbalanced world we reside in now, it’s oftentimes not easy to start to see the meaning and value using what perform. How will we appreciate and locate purpose in our life, work, and relationships? It is tough to positively influence other people’s lives whenever we can’t even find inspiration in who we have been and what we all do. This will be the goal of personal life coach Johannesburg to compliment you in succeeding as a fulfilled person, despite whom you are and your work. It may not the simple but they also will let you using your journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-worth.

Of course there’s, there’s a lot of hope and its particular accessible to everyone who cares enough about themselves as well as their future. In today’s society hope is a component from the life coaching process. More importantly personal life coach Johannesburg covers the gambit of life and what’s involved with making your time and effort here on the earth a fantastic joy to call home and an abundance of possibility to present to all those who have less.

In some cases clients desire to implement an occupation make-over or total change simply because they aim to fulfill dreams they had earlier on in everyday life. This have to tweak a vintage dream to match right into a new context is a result of having changed and evolved throughout the years. One client thought we would leave her position being a personal life coach Johannesburg to be effective for success. Another woman chosen to require time clear of her personal life coach Johannesburg business to satisfy a fantasy being a writer and poet. Neither expressed regret for such choices. Their marriages improved when their spouses chosen to let them have complete emotional support of their endeavors. Life is too precious never to be lived fully and shared honestly with those around us, whatever our age.


Life coach Gauteng at midlife addresses many issues which range from developing one’s creativity, to work-life issues, or even dating and relationships on the whole. Changes happen in the household as you works with children leaving the nest and parents becoming elderly. Clients would like to address those issues and make up a policy for far better using time because of their families. As changes are designed, loved ones have the opportunity to grow alongside the buyer in midlife. A life coach Gauteng for getting everyone together more frequently along with supporting the other is a possible option. Behind these changes lies the structured techniques that coaches employ to take out your very best in everyone.

Interesting fact, that whenever individuals don’t trust they generally attract people that hand them over their validation why it doesn’t trust. Many years ago before I understood how Law of Attraction operates, I had trust issues, previously being abandoned through the love of playing. I did meet someone afterward and I assumed that person could leave me at the same time. Yes he did, but not before we experienced much turmoil inside our relationship as a consequence of my insufficient trust. Everything I feared appeared life coach gauteng.

A life coach johannesburg can help you find what aspects of your daily life will be the most essential for you personally. It may aid you in discovering which life aspects you intend to enhance. Also, will help you someone to make practical and considerable goals and assist you to recognize plus reduce obstacles in attaining all of your goals and objectives. It is the ideal to employ a personal coach, but when this can be not affordable you can think about online life coaching.


Should you pursue online life coach Sandton? In a somewhat humorous think about the coaching profession normally, inside an article entitled ‘life coach Sandton Johannesburg” ‘ highlights that coaching offers the form of interaction with other sites that builds close relationships and thrives on the human being contact aspect. That being said, earning an internet life coach certification is probably not something you could have initially envisioned for your self.

Spiritual life coaching is a method of healing that requires one’s body, mind and soul, and brings them in perfect harmony to assist you to face your life’s issues from the greatest way. Spiritual healing may involve several spiritual healing methods for instance healing meditation, reiki, yoga, etc. The main motto behind these practices is usually to supply you with complete comfort and prepare effectiveness on the best of its capability for life coach Sandton. Spiritual healers besides end up being the optimal listener to your issues, additionally, they allow you to analyze your life’s situation rationally and assist you to get reduce your doubts and uncertainties for a life coach Johannesburg.

Law of Attraction states that whatever we target we are going to manifest and trust that a dreams and beliefs is going to be brought to you. If the unexpected does present, immediately acknowledge it can n’t have come your way without your input. Sure organic meat n’t have given any thought in any way to the however what manifests in your lifetime is 100% dependant upon the way you ‘re feeling. It the emotional under current that could know very well what situation will show for your reality. Disappointment will attract disappointing events, deficiency of trust can establish scenarios to bolster your belief of no trust!


In the same way to be a session by having an adult, a private life coach johannesburg for teens would utilize a life balance wheel to help you measure the areas that requirement by far the most focus. Once that may be determined, a technique is for your child and goals are set. Completing certain short-term goals are encouraged prior to a next session.

During the various transition phases of life one undergoes many changes. The changes may be physical or situational. These changes may be quite challenging occasionally and could end up being tough to handle and that is why you need a life coach Johannesburg. For example, young mothers land in a mixed state of happiness and confusion. A person dealing with a sickness or enduring cancer undergoes life change too may need a life coach Johannesburg. Women beginning menopause have many hormonal and physical changes for getting employed to. There are online coaching help that assist in making and accepting these life changes naturally and comfortably.

Of course there exists, there’s a lot of hope as well as open to everyone who cares enough about themselves and future. In today’s society hope is a component in the life coaching process. More importantly life coach Johannesburg covers the gambit of life and what’s included in making your time and energy here in the world an excellent joy to reside and a good amount of chance to present to whoever has less.

The different life-enhancing programmes they offer will transform your outlook in your everyday living and spirituality, your mindset towards work, as well as your look at career development. Their personalised one-on-one wellness retreats and life coaching in Johannesburg are available just as one individual session or perhaps a group of sessions. They offer group sessions for spiritual retreats and executive coaching in Johannesburg. Whether you want to have an opportunity to revitalise and grow or provide your hard work teams the opportunity to develop social and professional skills, their services on coaching, spiritual growth, facilitation, and professional development will surely provide the boost you’ll need with a life coach Johannesburg.

The world wide recession with all the limiting job situation may be turned around and used as being a positive motivator to utilize on this occasion being an possiblity to make life impacting changes to private and business lifestyles – for most this can be the ideal time and energy to handle a small business, a home based job while making a life to Live By Design.

Interesting fact, anytime folks don’t trust most of them attract individuals who let them have their validation why they just don’t trust. Many years ago before I understood how Law of Attraction operates, I had trust issues, previously being abandoned with the love of playing. I did meet someone afterward and I assumed that it person could leave me also. Yes he did, rather than before we experienced much turmoil in this relationship as a consequence of my not enough trust for a life coach Johannesburg.

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