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How do you know if you are following your true calling in life?

The question of ‘what is my purpose?’ is asked so many times. More and more want to understand their purpose of life.  The question in most instances goes unanswered leaving you feeling stuck, frustrated, demotivated, anxious, and probably even stressed. The main reasons why so many people feel lost, frustrated, unhappy, and unfulfilled: You are […]

How Happiness Cannot Be Found By Living In The Past And Future

In my job as a Transformational Life Coach, I find the norm for most is to be afraid of the future and constantly living in the past causing much stress and anxiety. The mind is busy and habits are formed to restrict the mind to only past and future thinking. Constantly living in the future […]

Are you going to allow depression to take you into the dumps or are you going to make a choice to step out of it?

Depression and Anxiety pull you right down into the dumps where you will most likely experience your lowest points in life. Hurt, pain, and suffering have taken over your life. It’s so hard for you to see past the pain you are in.  You can’t smile or be happy any longer.  Your energy is drained beyond […]

In Difficult Challenges Is Where Inner Growth & Your True Pleasures Will Rise

As a Transformational Life Coach in Johannesburg, I reflect back to see where my low points in life were.  By looking back I see that wherever there were lows, these were also times for my own personal maximum growth.  This is the case for everyone, not just me. They say we won’t ever receive more than […]

How Meditation Calms The Mind From Anxiety

When we are inflamed by frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions, our brainwaves are affected.  They behave irrationally, shooting all over the place incoherently. Always thinking – good and bad, cruel and kind, positive and negative and so on, the brain moves into high beta and you get caught up in negative […]

Change Can Be Terrifying But It Can Also Be Filled With Opportunity

How do you accept change when it affects you to the point of feeling anxious and depressed?  Every time you feel anxious, you have panic attacks.  You cannot breathe, your chest tightens up and you feel you are having heart problems.  Feeling fatigued along with the lack of concentration becomes a common trend in your […]

Your Lifeline For Anxiety And Depression Caused By Childhood Experiences

After delving deep into the reasons behind depression and anxiety, by probing the subconscious mind and using the NLP processes, there are many underlying causes which contribute to these limiting mood disorders, such as (but not limited to): abandonment; feeling unloved; excluded; being unwanted and tossed aside; feeling of not mattering; having no purpose; feeling […]

Understanding The True Meaning Of ‘What You Give Is What You Get’

Depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, and many other problems have unfortunately come from what you have created, consciously or unconsciously. It is a hard pill to swallow hearing this for the first time, however, there is much truth in it.  For every cause, you create there is an effect.  My first question when I heard […]

Why You Self-Sabotage

As a Transformation Coach in Johannesburg, I see how clients have self-sabotaged which led them into states of anger, anxiety-causing some to become depressed.  You know what you want for yourself and will pursue a task with good intentions, but then allow your beliefs or emotions to get in the way and self-sabotage. Beating yourself […]

Just When You Thought You Knew What Success Is

As a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, I always ask my clients ‘what is your vision for life?’ Most, usually struggle to answer, but they do know they want success. My next question to them is ‘What does success mean to you?’  A question they cannot answer. What is success to you? I never had […]