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Do You Wish You Could Switch Off The Self-Talk For Your Peace Of Mind?

You battle to sleep at night, worrying, stressing, and feeling nervous about all the uncertainty you face, while this is making you feel anxious, depressed while questioning your purpose of life.  While this is going on in your head, you physically have less and less energy and you begin to withdraw from your life. There […]

Uncertainty Affects Your Wellbeing And Can Be Scary…

You may be finding it difficult to find certainty, during these trying times which is causing you to sink deeper into depression and that creates anxiety.  Your energy may be drained beyond belief. You find you are withdrawing from people and possibly even life itself.  Managing your career or business in the current circumstances feels […]

Do You Set-up Each Day For A Day That Works For You And For A Balanced Life?

When you balance your life and follow purpose of life, you are in a better frame of mind to avoid depression and anxiety. A balanced life requires that you spend a relevant amount of time in each of the following areas: work, family, social, spiritual, mental, physical, community, and financial.  Anything in extreme is not […]

The Biggest Thing Standing Between You And Your Success Is Your Thoughts

In our online courses and in as a Transformation Coach it is my purpose of life to show you how your thoughts will mislead you.  Your thoughts will tell you that you are not good enough or you not smart enough.  It may tell you that you don’t have what it takes.  You tell yourself, […]

Are You Feeling Stuck With No Purpose Or Direction And Wishing For A Better Life?

Do you feel you have no direction, clarity, purpose of life and this is making you feel anxious or depressed?  Maybe you feel stuck. You tried various businesses, skills or jumped in feet first and failed.  That alone makes you scared to try again. You feel stuck with no purpose or meaning.  There is also […]

How Anger Affects You And How Anger Management Can Transform You To Calmness

For some reason,  I had this misconception that I had to fight my way through life which brought out a lot of anger within me. Some people go on to deny they have an anger problem. They will reach almost uncontrollable rage before they seek out help.  Others will possibly hurt themselves or someone they […]

14 Rituals You Can Use To Start Each Day With Success

If I could go back to my younger me in my 20’s I would tell myself the importance of a positive mindset that would not lead to depression, anxiety, anger, and low self-esteem.  I would tell myself to set intentions to structure my day for my benefit and the benefit of my family. You wake […]

Are You Going To Let The Current Economic Situation Pull You Down?

Are you going to allow the current stresses and anxieties about the economy and COVID pandemic to pull you, your career or your business right down into the dumps? You may be finding it difficult to smile or be happy during these trying times.  Your energy may be drained beyond belief.  Managing your career or […]

What Is The Difference Between Proactive And Reactive?

In situations where emotions of anger, fear, doubt, hurt and other emotions are your drivers, you are much more likely to find yourself being reactive rather than proactive, leading to depression and anxiety. Emotions are within and therefore follow you wherever you go – you can’t run from them Whether in your life, running your […]

How Much Of Yourself Are You Sacrificing For The One You Love?

I hear from various clients who are in relationships, that there is so much betrayal going on between couples. The person that is on the receiving end of betrayal can often suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and anger.  Feeling the stress of such destructive behavior such as being caught up in the perpetrator’s web […]