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Stress And You – Including 4 Powerful Tips For Positive Change

Stress has the consequences of nausea, panic, lack of sleep all of which lead to anxiety, depression, and anger. You withdraw from people, you feel lonely. and you have no one to talk to. You and many others are under so much pressure already with the fear of retrenchment, fear of COVID, and fear of […]

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Self-Esteem

When your self-esteem is broken down following challenges in life, it is possible that this could lead to anxiety and depression.  Low self-esteem has come from traumas and other serious challenges.  They can dampen your mood, make you feel worthless, unhappy, and possibly even hopeless.  This hopeless feeling is unnerving darkness and emptiness. Low self-esteem […]

If Only You Knew How Powerful Your Thoughts Really Are

What if I told you that your thoughts and emotions are the only contributing factors to your anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, anger, and any other issues you are facing? The voice that is so loud in your head and that is based on fear, leads you down a path of self-torment and self-sabotage.  This voice […]

Are You Feeling You Are Not Good Enough?

Is feeling ‘not good enough’ a contribution to your anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem? Yes most definitely, and taking things personally is another contributing factor.  Such thoughts and limiting beliefs create emotions that spiral you into a container that will one day explode. You possibly feel: sad and hurt that you are not good enough; […]

Are Colleges & Universities Partly Responsible For Steering Our Children Into The Wrong Jobs, Creating Depression & Anxiety?

There is a trend of former college and university students coming to me because they are suffering from low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety following bad career guidance from colleges and universities.  The reason being is that they desire to study a particular course because it is what they want to do, however, their scores don’t […]

Do you have a mental barrier telling you ‘You not good enough?’

This mental barrier has come from the voice inside of you which feeds you with negativity and is what creates depression, anxiety, anger, and low self-esteem. All the above cause a lack of sleep, procrastination, fears of moving forward in life, withdrawal from social events amongst others, and in many cases, fears of failure. This […]

Change Your Beliefs And Thoughts To Improve Your Life

Are you aware of your beliefs that could be causing your anxiety, depression, and anger? Did you know that your beliefs, reinforced by the same or similar consistent thoughts are what will lead you down specific ‘paths’ in your life? Now, imagine that every belief or desire has supporting thoughts.  These supporting thoughts are going […]

Are You In A Soul Crushing Job Or, Not In A Job And Seeking Career Guidance Or Your Purpose

Are you in a soul-crushing job and looking for career guidance or your purpose of life? Or not even in a job?  Maybe you are one of many who have become tired of the corporate world and looking for both purpose and career guidance. Does your job define who you are?  If not then why […]

7 Tips Guiding You To Follow Your Dream Career

Often we are scared to follow our dream in life which leads us to feel stuck, have no purpose of life, a lack career guidance which can possibly lead to depression and anxiety.  Youngsters and students lose themselves in TV games.  Those who have been working for some time will for the most part feel […]

If It’s Fantasy Rather Than Love, It Can Be Destructive To You

One of many reasons for your hard knocks in life causing anxiety, depression, while slashing your self-esteem, are from seeing something or someone, with fantasy eyes.  This means that you have a fantasy idea of a relationship,  person, job, business, or something of high value to you.  It can be risky to your well-being as […]