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7 Ways To Make Better Decisions For Yourself While Accepting Consequences

Very low self-esteem can make decision-making quite difficult, causing you self-doubt and therefore second-guessing much of what you do.  Thinking back in time, you know that you were often shy but over the years your self-esteem has deteriorated. Another cause of your self-esteem deteriorating is the ongoing failures of your decision-making.  So you take fewer […]

7 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Boost Business During Uncertain Times

As a Life Coach in Johannesburg and working with Entrepreneurs, it is apparent that some Entrepreneurs are taking strain during these uncertain times.  Looking for business can be challenging but what if you can make changes within yourself to bring about the change you desire. Practical answers from books and information are obtainable on the […]

7 Ways To Cope In A World Where Uncertainty Prevails, Contributing To Your Stress

How do you cope with stress in times of uncertainty, which is causing you to experience anxiety, thus resulting in panic attacks, as well as finding yourself plunging into a dark space of depression? Getting the help you need isn’t weak, it strengthens you I found myself day-in and day-out focussing on the future and […]

Career Counselling And Guidance That Inspires You To Do A Job You Love

Are you lacking direction and seeking career counselling while realising that career guidance would help you right now to have an inspiring purpose of life?  Unfortunately, you don’t know what the right career is for you, causing you to feel stuck.  Unable to move forward in anything. Family or friends don’t always understand when you […]

Why Your “Why” Is So Important And Why It Has Such A Big Impact On Your Life

Your children are coming of an age where they will be moving out of the house making you feel anxious, depressed, with no purpose of life, and feeling stuck. You wonder and ask yourself, ‘what is left for me if they are gone?’ I’ve been in this position myself and not everyone understands it until […]

Changing Your Job To A Rewarding Career, Can Be A Tough Decision

Before I started my career as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I found myself with little purpose of life. Do you find yourself in the position of wanting to change careers in your 30’s, 40’s, or even 50’s? Are you looking for a Life Coach In Johannesburg to guide you? Does your current career provide […]

Find Your Mojo, Stop Feeling Stuck And Move Forward In Life

The feeling of being stuck has resulted in anxiety and depression for many people.   It is very unfortunate that people are not being steered into careers that are aligned with their soul.  The soul is seeking to BE, DO and as a result, HAVE.  There is no fulfillment and no joy in a day-to-day job for […]

Overthinking And Overanalysing Is Destructive To Your Mental Wellbeing

Overthinking and overanalysing keep the mind unnecessarily busy with negative thoughts that can lead to depression, anxiety, anger, and low self-esteem. You can’t sleep at night as you overthink and overanalyse every situation.  You overanalyse conversations you had during the day.  Wondering if you could have done it better, what you said wrong, how you […]

How To Stop Judging Yourself In 5 Easy Steps

Whether I see clients with Low Self-esteem or anger management, I often find similarities in the causes.  Similarities can be: not being able to express yourself; feeling not good enough; you feel that you are not heard or not seen; not being acknowledged; comparing you to others and not being assertive enough.  Amongst others, these […]

Attempting Perfection Is Exhausting And Can Destroy Your Self-Esteem

Do you find yourself feeling disappointed by your actions and that you have failed yourself steering you to low self-esteem.  You believe you are not good enough, not worthy, and a failure. Your intentions are to be perfect in all that you do, yet consciously you know perfection is impossible to achieve.  You know that […]