What is a Life Coach or Transformation Coach?

A Life Coach or Transformation Coach, as I am, will transform and boost your life in the direction best for you.  This is done by setting up a program to guide you through various processes specific to your unique requirements.  Your Life is transformed by assisting you to achieve your desired outcomes through a variety of unique and proven techniques.

NB: Online Coaching Available During Lockdown

The Transformation Coaching Program covers:

  • successful goal setting
  • overcoming your fears
  • removing negative limiting beliefs to overcome obstacles
  • creating awareness to observe your own emotions
  • observe behavioral and linguistic patterns through various processes of assessing existing thoughts and emotions
  • powerful and proven techniques to use throughout life


Transformation Coaching Proven Techniques in this Program include:

Transformation – A different way of being. Transformation involves changes at the deepest levels of beliefs, values, and behaviour. Transformation results in fundamental shifts in personal and corporate behaviour and organisational systems and structures. Transformation occurs when we are open to a new future, and can let go of the past.

Life Coaching –  A series of techniques and success strategies to elicit hindrances and limiting/negative beliefs, successful goal setting by structuring a plan of action to reach them and overcome challenges.

Negative Emotional Therapy – Through this technique, a lifetime’s worth of unprocessed negative emotions can be eliminated in a very short period, and assists you to get in control of your emotional state in a pro-active manner, rather than your emotional state controlling you in a reactive manner.

How using Negative Emotional Therapy is beneficial:

  • It can release a whole lifetime of unprocessed negative emotions such as anger, shame, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, hate, doubt, anxiety, and guilt that have accumulated in the neural network over the years
  • It will release all the unprocessed negative emotions that have accumulated over many years
  • It totally gets rid of a whole lifetime’s worth of unprocessed negative emotions in a very short period of time
  • It helps people to get in control of their emotional state which determines the results that we get in life. So to change a result, a person will need to get in control of their emotional state
  • It releases the stored negative energy charges in a person’s neural network which helps release all of those negative emotional energy charges that he or she has built up over the years

Neuro Linguistic Programming – Refers to the view that a person is a whole mind-body system, and that there are assumed to be systematic, patterned connections between neurological processes (`neuro’), language (`linguistic’) and learned behavioural strategies (`programming’).

Using a unique and successful questionnaire which highlights each and every persons true nature, interests and passions. 

Physiology of Excellence is about the inner state and developing an entire physiology to achieve a fulfilled life.  If this is something you long for, then you have made the right choice, regarding having a Transformation Coach and mentor.