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In A Career They Love?

All you have to do is complete this ‘Unique Purpose Finder™’

Benefits of this ‘Unique Purpose Finder™’:

  • save money now before paying study fees and check if this is yours or your child’s true passion;
  • save yourself years and years of frustration in the wrong job;
  • using the skills you were given and build on them as you grow into the most meaningful you;
  • doing what you love, and love what you do from day to day;
  • living a meaningful life where you know you are making a difference;
  • being happy to get up in the morning, to do your job every day;
  • following your passion with unlimited fears are the ones who are most successful;
  • having productive employees who are passionate about their jobs;
  • having sales staff intending to add to the bottom line and more;
  • recruiting people who are passionate about their jobs;
  • studying what you already have skills, knowledge and experience for, because this is what you are truly passionate about;
  • discovering your purpose through the questionnaire is ultimately a compass that will set you in the right direction of your purpose within your career leading you to freedom in your job as well as success



If you want to do what you love and love what you do from day to day then click on the link at the bottom of the page to start a great career for your future, by completing this Career Assessment NOW.

When you do what you love and love what you do, you soar from one height to another. Life becomes less complicated.  A job no longer feels like a duty or task, it’s an absolute joy….  Debbie Edwards

Are you in a job you have no passion for?

  • Are you asking yourself daily: ‘What is my purpose’ or ‘Why am I here on this earth?’
  • Demotivated, frustrated, bored and feeling stuck in your job?
  • Hate getting up in the morning to go to work?
  • Considering spending your life savings on a franchise/business but would prefer advice to ensure this career path is right for you?

Are you studying towards something you have no passion for?

  • A student or job seeker looking for direction towards the right studies, or the right job?
  • Disillusioned in your work/studies?
  • In an unfulfilling job line of study, recommended by a traditional aptitude test?

Are you an employer with demotivated and unproductive employee’s?

  • Would you rather be recruiting people who are passionate about their jobs and are productive every day?
  • Are your sales staff or any other staff under performing and you are seeking solutions?
  • Do your employers have goals and values aligned to the vision and mission of the company?

What people have to say about the purpose finder:

  • I really enjoyed doing the questionnaire and it really made me think and clarify what I want to achieve this year, thank you so much – Tamaryn
  • It made my vision a lot clearer because I was having doubts.  It’s putting me in the right direction.  After hearing the results, I immediately after felt inspired and wanted to do more research.  The results made me feel very happy and motivated… Sasha
  • It’s a really informative and helpful questionnaire as it really makes you sit and think about your life and where you are heading… Sinead

Why can’t I find a job, or why is my business not doing well?:

  • Are you either in a job or looking for a job that you are not passionate about which you know will make you unhappy?
  • Have you let go of fears, obstacles or limiting beliefs holding you back from being in a job you love?
  • Have you been in a job that you hate and trying to find a job in the same line of work?
  • Are you chasing money rather than offering a great service, quality or focussing on where you can be the best you?
  • Do you know what you want? Or is your head ‘all over the place’ trying to decide which direction to go?
  • Do you have too many negative thoughts running through your head about past experiences, or the ‘state of the country’ which may be limiting you?
  • Performance Managed in a job, which has demotivated you?

Millions of people go into jobs after completing an aptitude test and are still not passionate about what they do.  Or, find a job and stay in that line of work yet have no passion for it, making them feel demotivated, or feeling as though they living a life they are stuck in, unsatisfied or completely bored and find no joy in waking up and going to work each day.

Searching for your purpose has also stemmed from an inner, deeper knowing, that there is more to life than the current role being fulfilled in a career there is no passion for.

The Secret of Knowing your Purpose:

  • Your purpose will be what you are truly passionate aboutand that will give you a sense of:
    • inner freedom
    • peace of mind
    • happiness once you start living your purpose
    • being able to live a more balanced life
    • be fulfilled
    • your job will feel like the easiest and most joyous thing you have ever done
  • We all have skills to do certain jobs, but matching your passion and purpose first and then developing on your skills is what will bring you a balanced, happy lifestyle setting you free in a career you love.

Make a Smart Move In Your Career / Business

  1. Firstly, add up what it will cost you mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and in terms of your family and your current situation to carry on:
    1. in a job you have no passion for?
    2. continue employing unproductive staff?
    3. continue watching your sales drop every month?
    4. continue studying for something you have no passion for? How much in university fees will this cost you only to find at the end of your studies you may not find a job because there is still no passion for what you do?
  1. Secondly, ask yourself is it worth it to continue this way?
    1. To waste money unnecessarily leaving you with regrets and anger?;
    2. To be unhappy, bored and frustrated in your job from one day to the next?;
    3. To spend time and money on employee’s who are only there for their salary rather than to make a difference by focussing their passion on what they can do for your company?
    4. To spend time and money on studies you are not enjoying at all and making you feel like you are not worthy?
    5. Fear of going into a job you know you will not be happy in?
    6. Fear of not knowing the future and what your business will do in 6 months to a year from now?



The Purpose Finder is based on the candidate’s passion rather than the common and well-known aptitude tests.  There is always a continuous theme that shows itself over and over through correct questioning, in terms of what they love to do.  Then, it is determined what the obstacles and fears are that hold the person back from doing what they love.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of the Purpose Finder by:

  1. discovering what is most important to you through various questions leading you to what you would love to do;
  2. matching what you love to do, in association with where your self-worth is highest;
  3. knowing your confidence will come in areas where you are willing to step out of your comfort zone/s;
  4. matching your characteristics with those who inspire you;
  5. matching what motivates you with your inner passion;
  6. matching your inner interests and passions with what you would love to do from day to day
  7. matching your career with that which makes you feel your job is an absolute joy;
  8. determining fears, obstacles and limiting beliefs holding you back from following your inner purpose;

It is only those who allow their fears and obstacles to stand in their way, that are not successful and do not move on, to do what they love, and love what they do from day to day.

If you have not found your purpose yet, or found passionate employees then this Purpose Finder will guide you or your employees to the right job by completing this Purpose Finder NOW.

Why suffer in a job you hate, or with unproductive and unhappy staff, anger, frustration? Complete the Purpose Finder today to take the necessary steps towards your inner purpose, or ensure that your new recruits complete the Purpose Finder today.

All you have to do is follow these simple but important instructions:

  1. The Purpose Finder is best suited to anyone from the age 17 and older.  If you are younger than 17 and would like to complete the questionnaire, please call Debbie for advice first;
  2. Set aside approximately two hours to focus only on the questionnaire, where you will have no distractions whatsoever.  There is no option to save the questionnaire, and is therefore important to  continue with it to the end;
  3. Making a final decision now, is a clear message to your Subconscious Mind that you are serious about the life you would like to have. Any breach of this will constitute a message that you are not serious about the life you want, to your Subconscious Mind. A confused mind is very unproductive and can cause you to get exactly the same results that you are used to. Yes, those same results that caused you to be considering finding your purpose in the first place. Whatever you decide now will give you results. Consider the results you want and then choose accordingly;
  4. Answer the questions as best you can.  Remember, the more you put in, the more you get out;
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Buy Now’  link, make payment through Payfast (secure), and congratulations, you have taken the first step towards your success;
  6. Complete the questionnaire as best you can.  At the end of the questionnaire you will be asked to provide two dates and times to have a discussion with Debbie.  After submission you will be contacted to confirm a date and time to discuss the findings;
  7. Please call me on 082-210-5635 or e-mail at debbie@inspirationalfutures.co.za should you have any queries regarding the questionnaire.  Please leave a message if I don’t answer, as I may be busy Coaching and will return your call as soon as possible;

It is as easy as that. Enjoy completing the questionnaire, I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Once you know what your inner purpose is, and then let go of what is holding you back, you can move forward to do what you love and love what you do from day to day.

It Is Now Time To Live Your Passion, Because It Is Possible And You Deserve The Best In Your Life.

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Debbie Edwards