Transform Your Self Esteem In Only 5 Weekly Sessions

A Program to Improve Your Self-Esteem And Unlock Your True Potential

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The Effects of Low Self-Esteem On You

Low self-esteem is caused when you do not believe in yourself, your sense of self-worth or value is zero and has dissolved more and more over the years.  Because your self-esteem is low, it causes you stress and worry.  Your perception of yourself is unfavourable and therefore your self-image is diminished.

Your attitude toward yourself is damaging as you:

  • often compare yourself to others;
  • beat yourself up;
  • believe you don’t deserve to have;
  • feel people will judge you;
  • believe you are not intelligent enough;
  • love nothing about yourself;

These beliefs have been brought about by unresolved emotions of fears, doubts, hurt, sadness, stress, worry, and feelings of unworthiness as well as many other emotions.

Believing in yourself will unlock you true potential as you know yourself and believe in yourself once again.

What does Having Self-Confidence Mean For You

Being self-confident is about the trust you have in yourself and your emotional intelligence to deal with challenges, solve problems, make decisions and engage with others.

You may have confidence in one area of your life while you lack confidence in one or more of the other areas of your life.  This happens when you have beliefs and obstacles you put in your way which, without realising it curtails your reasons to stay in a comfort zone. Among other emotions, it is usually fears, lack of trust and doubts that bring you to this point.

Advantages of being self- confident:

  • Unlock your true potential
  • Know yourself;
  • Believe in yourself;
  • Trust your instincts and those around you;
  • Confidently take the opportunities available to you;
  • Make decisions with confidence;
  • Emotional intelligence to deal with challenges;
  • Engage with others with confidence;

How You Can Believe in Yourself with Transformational Coaching

There are various ways to improve self-esteem however it is important to up route the causes which created negative beliefs and emotions.

I use various processes that will assist you in achieving your desired outcomes through a variety of the most suitable tailor made unique techniques, which assist to observe behavioural and linguistic patterns through various processes of assessing:

  • existing thoughts and emotions;
  • existing obstacles which stop you from doing what you want to do;
  • existing fears;
  • personal limitations and negative thinking;
  • improve the self-image;

Through these processes I teach you how to utilise your mind.  By doing this your self-worth, self-love, self-confidence and emotional intelligence goes up and you are better able to manage your mind as well as your life and just as importantly, quiet the mind. What remarkable way to improve your self-esteem.

Self-Worth for you means you can choose to:

  • Have a dream job;
  • Have Emotional intelligence;
  • Climb the Corporate ladder with confidence;
  • Be an Entrepreneur;
  • Succeed in sports;
  • Be in control of your own ‘ship’;
  • Travel the world;
  • Stop self-sabotage in it’s tracks;

How to build self-esteem:

  1. Let go of fears, obstacles or personal limitations for peace of mind
  2. Accept and love yourself unconditionally
  3. Stop judging yourself and others
  4. Confront what we find so difficult to accept about ourselves
  5. Self-compassion and acceptance of both sides i.e. the good and what we perceive to be bad
  6. Examine and dissolve feelings of guilt and shame
  7. Take responsibility for hurting or mistreating others
  8. Find forgiveness in your heart
  9. You can change your internal programming to new beliefs and emotional states
  10. Accept you always did the best you could with what you had or knew and with what your compelling needs were at the time
  11. Change your perception of yourself – change your attitude about and toward yourself
  12. Stop allowing your ego to control you and your thoughts. See more about ego on Anger Management
  13. Know your values in order to raise your self-esteem see more on values…

Benefits of Accelerating Your Confidence:

Confidence builds a strong mind, which helps you to:

  • have success in career, finances, family, social and physical well-being;
  • better ourselves from within;
  • have positive results for yourself;
  • have a healthy mind to produce healthy results;
  • be more conscious meaning you are in control of your mind which means it is easier for you to turn negative thinking into positive thinking;
  • value yourself and stay humble;
  • break through limitations;
  • ensure achievement for yourself;
  • know and understand your values which will boost your self- esteem in the areas that relate to your highest values.

“You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember,  fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind”- Dale Carnegie