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Career Guidance that is Liberating for Life


This inspiring career guidance package is designed specifically for students/graduates searching for answers to: 

  1. What do I do when I leave school?
  2. I am not enjoying what I am studying at University, what do I do now?
  3. How do I overcome self-esteem, fears or beliefs that are limiting me?
  4. Will I ever find a job?

Why career guidance is important from the start?

Many people have been for aptitude tests, yet statistics show that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work while the rest are either actively disengaged or, not engaged at all. This results in boredom and frustration from Monday to Friday creating the popular terms ‘blue Mondays’ and ‘TGIF’ .

By the time workers have spent a lot of money on studies and much time on doing something they don’t love, they reach a point where their values will usually drive them back to their life purpose which is to do what they love and love what they do anyway. Unfortunately, by this time, not many will take the opportunity to follow their passion because people are tied into financial and/or family responsibilities.  They are in comfort zones and remain unhappy in their jobs.  Usually, a major shift in their life will have to take place like a retrenchment or a traumatic experience in order for them to be pushed out of their comfort zone.

Instead of waiting for this to happen to you, get a kick start to a career you love to do from day to day.

Then, when your vocation and your vacation (two values) are synonymous you reach a state of well-being, you become free and liberated and you reach a degree of self-actualisation.

Debbie will Coach and mentor you, toward your life purpose and that which will truly resonate with you and your passions. Set you free from fears, negative limiting beliefs, anger management and low self-esteem.  Then provide you with easy to use tools to define your hierarchy of values, give you financial freedom and successful goal setting techniques.

Students / Graduates Package Includes:

  • Interview coaching and job readiness
  • Financial Freedom

Package Rates:

  • Career Assessment is R1,590-00 (this price excludes a report and is optional at an additional fee);
  • Should you have fears and/or negative beliefs holding you back from following your dream, let’s breakthrough that which holds you back unnecessarily with further Coaching sessions. A tailored made package will be put together to best suit you;

Life is about choices.  You can either choose to be a statistic of the disengaged work force or be the person in charge of your life and start investing in your future right NOW.

Students looking for a job or deciding on a career at a young age is an incredibly stressful process.  It is a decision that must be made, often under pressure, with little or no professional guidance and with students not knowing their full range of options. Students take aptitude tests to try guide them however, the results of such tests only describe their current interests rather than their lifelong interests and passions.

They are often forced to take the first job that comes along (understandably and is always a good opportunity for experience) and make the most of it.  Or they choose a career they think may interest them but the result is usually later in life, mostly around the age of 40, workers become bored and frustrated with their jobs leading to self-esteem issues, lack of motivation and not knowing their values. This all contributes to unhappiness which then results in either depression, anger management issues, mid-life crisis or any other emotional issues.


At the age of 18 I was misguided by an aptitude test, and also by family and friends. I went into my first job as a Copy Typist for two years.  My career took a turn for the better when I moved into Personnel (now known as Human Resources and payroll) and then later on in my career, into Human Resources Management. Due to my own lack of job satisfaction, I job hopped every two years, I ran my own businesses in South Africa and in the United Kingdom where I was in partnership with my husband.

Through my own search for a fulfilling job and through my own self-development I have found my passion which inspires me every day.

Most of my work experience is within a corporate environment and in Human Resources, and therefore understand the requirements of the corporate world. My aim is to ensure your overall success in life, a knowingness that will set you free from within and a career that is liberating beyond words.

“There is nothing absent or lacking. Everything is present, already in potential” Lopon Tenzin Namdak

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