1. We forget to value ourselves and due to this we do things for our spouse, children, family, work and other areas of our lives. However we never stop to consider what it is that we want.  People would maybe say this is a selfish approach to put ourselves first, but consider this:  we add value in family, in friendships, in work and therefore to be the best person we can be and to add more and more value in every area of our life.  It is time to put you first and value yourself.
  2. We allow people to push their values on to us.  Example:  Julia may value ‘the security of a job and monthly income’ as opposed to the ‘risk involved in owning a business’ (value), however Julia’s values will keep driving her back to owning her own business if she doesn’t know her values and follow her dream/s.
  3. We allow people to push their fears on to us, for instance if someone tells you of their fears of failure and you take on that fear of failure too.  Remember it is their fear not your fear.
  4. Our fears and obstacles block us from taking the next step toward our dream.  You can overcome all fears and obstacles with powerful tools used in Transformation Coaching
  5. When you have an idea, act on it immediately otherwise you think too much about it and that’s when all the fears and emotions come up.  Follow your immediate instincts.
  6. We have limiting beliefs without always realising that those beliefs have been instilled in us by others or by our ego thoughts and are not realistic
  7. We search for what is missing in our lives (eg. freedom).  Understanding your hierarchy of values and knowing that voids can drive your highest value can provide you with answers to your life purpose
  8. We lack certainty and due to this, keep changing our minds as to what we want
  9. We lose focus by trying out too many of our ideas at the same time, rather than focusing on what is really important to us and in line with our values
  10. Then there is the Big “What if” question. Imagine Alexander Graham Bell sat back and thought “what if it doesn’t work” or “what if I am criticised”  and this prevented him from inventing the telephone – how far would we have been today with telephone technology? The point is, get on with it, you may leave a legacy or you may just do what you love and love what you do by giving it a go.