You aspire to live an abundant life so you work hard because you were told ‘you have to work hard to make money’ and having an abundance of money means an abundant life, right? Wrong!

To live an abundant life means to feel fulfilled in all seven areas of life i.e. family, career, financially, spiritually, socially, physically, mentally.

Here are 10 secrets to living an abundant life:

  1. Have a strong mind to boost your will power:
    • Let go of beliefs that do not serve you;
    • Similarly, let go of your negative emotions, they also do not serve you;
  2. Believe in yourself:
    • You have the tools available every day to make a better life for yourself,  for an abundant life you deserve;
    • Therefore, believe that whatever is on your path is right for you.  Affirm to yourself ‘it is what it is’ for the reason of acceptance;
  3. Start your day with intentions:
    • Your intentions are to be aligned with your goals, taking small steps every day towards your goals;
  4. Have a vision board that provides you with direction and clarity:
    • Great athletes have direction and clarity.  They have small goals and move to bigger and better goals.  The more vision they put into what they would like to achieve, the more successful they are;
  5. Affirmations:
    • Create affirmations aligned to your vision board to get the momentum going for what you would like to have;
  6. Gratitude:
    • Be grateful for what you already have every day;
    • This goes a long way to feeling better about your life which also transforms your attitude and above all your energy towards everything in your reality;
    • Feel the gratitude within you to lift your energy.  Go beyond what you see in front of you and be grateful for everything.  Likewise, see an abundance of it everywhere around you;
  7. See every opportunity that is available to you:
    • Build networks and good relationships with people and always be aware of what may be an opportunity being presented to you;
  8. Be concerned only with your journey in life:
    • Stop worrying and stressing about other people’s lives and start focussing on your own life;
  9. Love and be loved:
    • Love and certainly unconditional love solves many problems.  Communicate this to people in your life, let them know you love them;
  10. Help those in need of help where you can:
    • Stop judging other people and their journey, instead, love and support them where possible;
    • Helping one person a month by giving at least 1% of your earnings or your time is a good start to making a difference in the world;

By following these steps every day, you can start living more of abundant life.  However if you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life or you would like a boost to get you to that point quicker, book your free consultation now.