We find ourselves reacting to people, reacting to circumstances and the drama in the news.  Then we create all sorts of emotions and beliefs which we program into our mind and carry all of this around like a very heavy backpack on our shoulders every day.  Because of the weight we feel, we snap at everyone around us, even those we love.

Emotions can, unfortunately, ‘paralyse’ you in such a way that you:

  • loose interest in your job;
  • loose interest in your relationship;
  • withdraw from people;
  • hold onto fears that keep you from moving forward;
  • create self-doubt that causes you to rely on others to make decisions for you;
  • have emotions causing you to react in the workplace;
  • react to colleagues or friends causing you to lose friends;
  • don’t get out of bed or leave the house regardless of the fact that you have a job or financial responsibilities.
  • have lost hope in life and you have no clarity or direction in life;

The more emotional you become in any situation the more you compound and suppress emotions with further irritation, frustration, anger, fear, doubts, worry, and stress.  We have not been taught how to let go of our emotions and no book, tells us how to let go either.  With emotions controlling your life, unfortunately, you cannot see a way out.  You become extremely anxious and possibly even depressed.

With suppressed emotions, it becomes harder with time to make any decision and has an impact on your life.  You look for answers from your colleagues, friends or family because you can’t make a decision for yourself.  In a situation like this, what you are doing is looking up to people making them ‘bigger’ while minimising yourself, because you believe they know better.

While they have the best intentions for you, their advice is not always helpful.  However, when you do take their advice and something goes wrong it becomes easier to blame them.  In this instance, you never learn to take responsibility.  Nor do you take learnings.  Taking responsibility and learning from challenges we face, is what we need to evolve and grow as humans and is one of our intended purposes.

We Are Not Taught In School Or In Life, To Let Go Of Emotions

Once we leave school, we are able to further our education as much as we chose to, in order to improve our knowledge which is wonderful.  But what is out there besides books with not enough tools to teach you emotional intelligence?

There is however hope, through this workshop I will reveal how to have emotional intelligence in 8 basic steps, which you can follow.

The Benefits Of Flowing Through Life With Ease By Letting Go Of Emotions:

  • Having the wisdom to make your own decisions that are best for you;
  • Improved relationships at work and at home;
  • Having more peace of mind;
  • Improved sleep patterns;
  • Valuing and loving yourself;
  • Quietening your mind to bring you peace of mind;
  • Self-awareness and recognising the emotion, then dealing with it;
  • Stronger resilience to what happens around you;
  • Willpower and motivation;
  • Ability to be rational rather than irrational;
  • Empathy;
  • Social skills;
  • Becoming emotionally intelligent;

How Having Emotional Intelligence Can Transform Your Life

By following these 8 basic steps to Emotional Intelligence, I can now manage my emotions on a daily basis.  Emotions and challenges that once would make me emotional stressed, angry, fearful, doubtful, depressed or anxious no longer affects me.

How the 8 Basic Steps Will Raise and Sustain Emotional Intelligence For You

In the Transformation Coaching workshop, I will guide you to surface what you have suppressed and find the triggers.  I will then teach you to let go of this.  By attending this workshop you will:

  • raise your EQ, which also raises your energy;
  • no longer be reactive but proactive. You are then empowered to be in control of your emotions and your life;
  • feel better within;
  • find yourself again, as your emotional intelligence improves;
  • have a balanced perception and see things with fresh eyes.  By looking at things with fresh eyes, you reduce emotions;
  • have more wisdom to make informed decisions for your highest good;
  • benefit from the tools to manage your emotions from day to day;
  • improve your inner growth;
  • enable more logical and rational approach in your thinking;
  • become more proactive;