Being afraid to let go of the past will only keep you trapped in emotions of anger, hatred, resentment causing unnecessary anxiety and depression in your life.  Clients often say to me they have already let go of the past, yet the topic comes up in the coaching and so do the emotions that keep them trapped and stuck in the past.

Letting go of the past can be scary for many.  Subconsciously you know that if you let go of the past, then what story do you have.  This is the story that has defined you for years and years.  The story that makes you who you are, it’s what gives you, your identification.  The ego mind is what wants some form of identification.

If you were to die and face your creator, you might say to him/her ‘I am (your name) and this is my story.  And I did what I did because this person and that person wronged me and I couldn’t get on with my life because they wronged me, it’s their fault.  And then you follow on to ask your creator, ‘what are you going to do about it’?  Do you really think your creator is going to go back and change it? No, he/she is more than likely going to ask you what did you learn from it? Asking your creator at this point to punish the person, will mean you will wait until you die to get your revenge.

Your story keeps you in a comfort zone of what you know.  Triggers have been formed in the subconscious mind and triggers are what cause you to create certain beliefs.  Due to one or more experiences you once had that created strong emotions and beliefs cause you to behave, think, and react  in a certain way.

You feel sorry for yourself and you feel you should have some form of payback.  The payback never comes though because you continue holding on so tight.  Stuck in victim mode does not allow you to see another way.  The answer is not feeling guilty and stuck in perpetrator mode either.  Remember,  it is only you that is stuck, no one else.

Evaluate where you are at in your life and decide now:

  • is it worth you being stuck?
  • what brought you to this point – what did you learn from it?
  • are you willing to take part/full responsibility for what happened?  if not, you won’t ever let go or grow from the experience and it will happen again and again until you learn the lesson/s
  • are you going through it or growing through it?

Life is too short to be stuck, you must continue to grow from within in order to move forward.

It is up to you to either allow it to destroy your life or allow it to make you bigger and better.  Choose to let go of the story and get out of it the downward spiral. Remember that growth takes place at the highest point of challenge.

Life is always changing, acceptance is key to this.  Balance is part of life and acceptance of both happy & sad, good and bad, challenge and support and so on, is what brings you wisdom and peace to your life.

Someone once said adversity introduces a man to himself.   Unless you handle it with grace it will stay in your face. Move so you can grow and get on with your life. Open your heart and open your mind so they can work together as one.  As a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I can help you out of the story and get you moving forward with your life.   This allows peace, love and happiness back into your life.  Book a free session with me today to find out how to unlock your true potential.

All of us are self-made but only the successful will admit it – Earl Nightingale