The disheartening self-talk you constantly have is what brings you to your knees making you feel worthless, lowering your self-esteem, removes your confidence and eventually can lead to depression.  It grips you tight, as you believe this is you, and this is who you are and even how you should be.  You struggle to manage the self-talk and cannot find freedom from your own thoughts.

The self-talk keeps you up at night, filling your head with fears that you choose to believe.   Driving to work daily, it continues to tell you stories of how people should drive. Or, how people should behave at work.   You listen to the news and fears are created about the economy, about the country you live in and your self-talk continues the conversation with you after the news has ended.  You filter out parts of what you heard to make the news fit in with your negative self-talk and reality.  All the while, you don’t realise that you are creating your own reality and becoming the victim of it.

Yes, this is how you create your reality in your mind.  You know your mind is powerful but still find it hard to believe that, through your own thoughts, you can create your own reality.  If you understand your mind, you will realise that you have the power within you to change your reality.

I was stuck in my own head for many years.  This means that the self-talk (ego-mind) had taken over and I was no longer in control of my thoughts. The self-talk was controlling me with every step that I took, with every thought I had.

The self-talk/ego-mind would tell me:

  • How I wasn’t good enough
  • That I was being punished for all the wrong I did
  • I’m not smart enough
  • Not deserving to do what I love nor worthy of following my purpose
  • The whole world was against me
  • You can’t do anything right
  • How I don’t deserve to have money

Only through the processes I now use today in Transformational Coaching, I am no longer stuck in my own head.  I have control of the self-talk/ego-mind and can quiet it.  I am more conscious than ever before, and therefore aware of my thoughts.  This means I have a choice to either accept or reject every thought.  This has freed me to move forward in life with purpose, confidence and reason.

As a Transformational Life Coach in Johannesburg, I can coach you through the processes so you can also quieten your self-talk.  If you feel that your self-talk is too much for you and find it hard to manage or control, book a free session with me today.  My ‘Master Your Life’ package will change your life for the better. It will show you that you are in control. You will gain awareness and gain control of your mind and your self-talk.  Your confidence will be lifted and your self-esteem will be raised, having a lasting effect on your life.

‘There is no room for nonsense self-talk any longer when I get out of my own

head and live with purpose and reason’ © …Debbie Edwards