Society says, finish school get a good education.  This will secure you a good job.  Get married, have children, retire and you know the rest.  Those are society’s values and you can either live by them or choose your own values.  However, living by society’s values rather than your own is what can cause anxiety within you because you go against your own beliefs and wishes.

Because society is a large group of people, it would almost seem correct to follow that particular path in life.  I mean, how can so many people be wrong?  So you live according to what seems must be right, while ignoring what you want for yourself.  This ultimately moves you away from who you truly are and this is where anxiety starts.

Do NOT read the next paragraph if you still have to watch Game of Thrones, Season 8 and skip to the following paragraph.

Watching Game of Thrones Season 8 the new Lord of Storms End asked Arya (a born fighter), to marry him and be his Lady.  The noticeable point being brought across (even though this is just a TV series), was that she knew who she was.  She declined his proposal, not allowing the fantasy of marrying a Lord to cloud who she truly is.  There was no doubt that she loved him but still, she took the decision to live her life, according to who she knew she truly was.  Arya was not prepared to give up who she was nor was she prepared to sacrifice her values as a fighter.

15 Top Causes of Anxiety:

  • Insecurity in a relationship or in a job;
  • Living according to other people’s values or expectations rather than your own;
  • Fears of the future;
  • Fears created from past experiences;
  • The belief you are not good enough;
  • Living according to expectations you put on yourself;
  • Not knowing your own values and therefore why you do the things you do;
  • People pleasing;
  • The ego mind;
  • Low self-worth;
  • Lack of belief in yourself;
  • Lack of self-love;
  • Traumatic experience;
  • Self-doubt;
  • Comparing yourself to others and expecting to live the same or a better life;

Stop sacrificing who you truly are.  Be yourself and love yourself for who you are.  No one can love you enough until you can love yourself enough.  When you love yourself, you will not sacrifice who you are or your values.  Life becomes easier and more manageable when you love yourself enough to know who you are and what it is you want from life.

To really know who you are and to love yourself is to live a conscious life.  This can be achieved through the Master Transformation program available.  Call me now for a free session to really know who you are, know your values, live accordingly and remove the causes of anxiety.  This is mastering your life.  Also, see the Hang out with Experts page for Dana Prophet’s talk on 8 Simple Steps to Create the Life You’ll Love on the 4th of September 2019