Before I started my career as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I found myself with little purpose of life.

Do you find yourself in the position of wanting to change careers in your 30’s, 40’s, or even 50’s? Are you looking for a Life Coach In Johannesburg to guide you? Does your current career provide very little fulfillment and you feel you have no purpose of life?

When you started your career path, you probably took an aptitude test. Unfortunately, these tests align you with your skills and personality.  Yet, there is no lasting fulfillment when you are aligned to your skills rather than to your soul™.

The result is that after several years you are sitting in an unfulfilling job like I once was.  You find yourself frustrated, unconvinced, uncertain of your path in life, unfulfilled, and having no direction in life.  I searched for anyone that could help me find my purpose, and at that time there was no one to help.

I had reached a point in my life where the corporate world no longer held much value, except for a salary at the end of the month.  Knowing that there is something bigger out there for you to achieve, you sit and ponder on what it could be.  Maybe you were a risk-taker like me and you tried several ideas, and still failed.  Failing doesn’t happen when you follow your true inner purpose.

Unfortunately, the corporate world is losing money as you procrastinate and possibly only give 50% to 70% of your efforts from day to day.

What you have to know or do to achieve your purpose:

  1. Either through meditation or, simply moving into a space of silence (as soon as you wake up in the morning), go within. Then ask: ‘subconscious mind, what is my true inner purpose?’ and wait for the answer.  Don’t think, allow the answer come to you;
  2. You have the skills within needed to follow your purpose;
  3. Whatever your purpose is, it will always work out easier than expected;
  4. Take note of what interests you the most. Keep a diary of where your attention and focus is most of the time;
  5. Pay attention to what lifts your energy and what takes your energy away. Do more of what lifts your energy;

The above suggestions are a guideline and will lead you to a path of satisfaction and fulfillment.  But I do find though, that there are a few clients who are not fully convinced by their answers and book an appointment with me for further clarification.  Due to their own fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs holding them back, they need further confirmation.

As a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I can take you through a short yet very rewarding program to unlock your true potential.  You can then live your purpose of life.  Be free of the corporate world, do what you love, and wake up inspired every morning.

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