When going through difficult times, you may ask “why me” while you are feeling depressed, hopeless, and frustrated with the world and with life.  These emotions are stored in the subconscious mind along with the event.  Focussing on it gives it the energy to manifest  over again in your life which creates the question “why does this keep happening to me”

Step 1 – Take responsibility and learnings for your own life

Somehow you got yourself in this mess consciously or unconsciously, now you have to get yourself out of it.  There is a solution to everything in life and you have it within you to change your life, to make better choices, to live a better life.  One of our many purposes of life is to grow from within and not stagnate.  The only way you grow is to consciously steer your ship, take responsibility and learnings for everything and keep growing to be the best you.

 Step 2 – Your beliefs, strategies, habits, values, emotions create your destiny

Stop trying to change your outside world and start changing from the inside.  The only way is one step at a time by starting with what you have created in your mind.  If you believe that the world is against you, then this is what you will create for yourself.  It is the path life will take you down, while you believe it.  The same applies to the belief that ‘you have to work hard to make a lot of money’.  As long as you believe it, that’s the exact path life will take you down.  You will work hard for the rest of your life to make money, yet people with this belief system are the most stressed or have missed out on something huge in life because of it.

In order to change your life, change the path you are on and steer your life to where you would like it to go with all the supporting belief systems that will make a better life for yourself.

Step 3 – How to change your belief systems

In a meditation where you have learnt to quiet your mind, go within and ask your subconscious mind, ‘how do I feel about ….(job, a relationship, money)?’ and see what answer comes up.  Whatever answer pops up, is the absolute truth of what is stored in your subconscious mind.

It’s not the self-talk in your head that should answer the question.  But rather what unexpected thought that pops up.  Then recognise the emotions that come up along with the answer.  The answer and the emotions are what you have to let go of.

Step 4 – change your perceptions

Every person has their own unique perception of the world, of life, of their upbringing and family, jobs, and much more.  Perceptions are created from belief systems or vice versa.  Review the perceptions you have created and see where you can change them to make you feel better.  Being resistant to change your perception will only make you feel worse, no one else.

Step 5 – take action steps daily to lift your energy

Listen to your favourite music tracks that make you feel uplifted, or read, or go to the gym. Take a walk and get fresh air if necessary.  Be grateful for what you have.  Do what you enjoy that makes you happy inside and that doesn’t harm anyone else.

Through every challenge and change you make, you become more of the authentic you.

Changing your belief systems, or perceptions or raising your energy from a depressed state can be difficult.  However, I can offer help to do this with the proven coaching tools that will change your life to get you where you would like to be feeling energetic, motivated, happy, peaceful, courageous and ready to face the world.  Contact me now for one free session where we can discuss how the coaching works and how it can transform your life for good.