Often we are scared to follow our dream in life which leads us to feel stuck, have no purpose of life, a lack career guidance which can possibly lead to depression and anxiety.  Youngsters and students lose themselves in TV games.  Those who have been working for some time will for the most part feel stuck with no direction as to how to move to the next level.

It can be such a challenging decision to make with the force of uncertainty powering your thoughts and emotions.   Whether you view them as significant or small dreams, they can still create big fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

While our parents, friends, teachers, and others have good intentions for us for our career, they may instill fears in you towards what it is you really want to do. They often say ‘you won’t make money doing that, there is more money in doing accounting, being a lawyer, or becoming a doctor’.  These are their values and possibly not yours.

In my late teen years, I knew what I wanted but was steered in a different direction.  This led me to face many challenges in life.  However, I must also say that I had a lot of good too.  There is always balance, we just have to see it.  I spent many years searching for the right career for me, and tried several different businesses in-between careers or while moonlighting.  There was no feeling of fulfillment, no matter what I did.  The search seemed endless for more while doing more, trying too hard to fill that void that would make it all better. But this is what makes us wiser as we grow and change for the better.

Here are 7 tips to guide you to follow your dream career:

  • From experience and what I have seen with many clients, is that money will not make you happy. Chasing money, rather than your dream is going to lead you to feel unfulfilled in life;
  • Know your values and what is important to you in terms of family, career, social, mental, spiritual, physical, and financial;
  • If anyone tries to steer you away from your values and your dreams, understand that they have good intentions to help you.  However, they don’t have the professional experience needed to guide you;
  • Allow those who love you and believe in you, to support you. Spend time in their company rather than those who don’t support your dreams;
  • There is nothing wrong with compromising, but be sure to look at both the pleasures and the pain in anything.  This will help you make an informed decision for yourself;
  • As scary as your dream may be, don’t let it go. See a professional as we have the tools to help you overcome whatever it may be that scares you;
  • Always stay true to yourself and your values;

Never give up on your dream.  You will know when you are following it as you won’t give up easily.  Following someone else’s dream or values, or even a career you ‘think’ may be right for you, could eventually leave you feeling unfulfilled.

With the questionnaire designed for career guidance and the techniques on hand, I can help you to discover your purpose of life.  By doing this we unlock your true potential and you move forward in life to your dream career.  Contact me today for a free session so you can live by your values, let go of your depression, anxiety, and that which makes you feel unfulfilled in life.

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