As a Life Coach in Johannesburg and working with Entrepreneurs, it is apparent that some Entrepreneurs are taking strain during these uncertain times.  Looking for business can be challenging but what if you can make changes within yourself to bring about the change you desire.

Practical answers from books and information are obtainable on the internet, however, it pays to go a little deeper to make changes rather than looking or expecting changes from without (the outside world).

I was in a situation weeks ago and was finding that something, in particular, wasn’t working for my business.  After some valuable time had passed and business remained slow, I decided to go within to see what my beliefs, unwanted habits, and own strategies were.  It was in doing this that I found I had a trigger every morning.  This trigger was, in what I was seeing daily and focussing on.  By doing this I programmed my mind to believe the same thing every day.  Therefore, causing the same programs of the past to repeat themselves. While making this a reality of my day and my future.  The change had to come from me, in order to change the program that had created the trigger.  A specific trigger taking me into a negative thought pattern.

How this happens is that emotions, beliefs, and thoughts support and maintain the ego-mind.  All these have, and are creating our patterns of behaviors.  It is up to you to take the steps to get past the ego/imposter mind with all your habits.  Most people are identified with the incessant stream of compulsive thinking and are in their heads.  Most of it is repetitive and pointless.  And this is how I once used to be.  The overthinking about good and bad, cruel and kind, positive and negative, and so on.  This is when the brain moves into high beta and you get caught up in the negative thinking.

The busier the analytical mind, the harder it is to get through that door, that door is much thicker for the thinkers.  It’s much more work to get beyond ourselves

Over and above this, you can also practice these 7 techniques to create new habits for yourself:

  1. Stop wanting and stop waiting for something to happen, take action;
  2. Have something new to focus on and put your attention on, something you can connect to
  3. Believe every client has the ability to be your perfect client
  4. Stay in the now and visualise what you would like to have.
  5. Change your daily routine to change the programs that are triggering the negative thought patterns
  6. The difference between wisdom and knowledge is – knowledge is education while wisdom is seeing the good and bad in everything and realising there is a gift in everything;
  7. Practice mindfulness meditations to stop overthinking and overanalyzing in order to move into a conscious state of mind, rather than the ego/imposter mind. From this, you will have a quieter more controllable mind;

The above are suggestions to be aware of and some are to implement in your daily life.  Programming the subconscious mind with positive reinforcing habits takes 30 to 90 days.  However, if as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I can boost your progress much faster through incredible, proven, and successful techniques used in the coaching.  For one free 45 minute session, contact me now on 061-563-0916 or email me at