How do you cope with stress in times of uncertainty, which is causing you to experience anxiety, thus resulting in panic attacks, as well as finding yourself plunging into a dark space of depression?

Getting the help you need isn’t weak, it strengthens you

I found myself day-in and day-out focussing on the future and worrying about what to expect, what if I fail, what if I succeed, what if I end up with no money.  The ‘what if’s feel endless and can keep you stuck from following your purpose and living with meaning, as it did for me.  I was too scared to take risks which was most unusual for me.

It’s possibly embarrassing for you to think or admit you have panic attacks and that you are feeling depressed.  You fear being judged by others if you admit that you need help.  However, there is no reason for you to feel embarrassed or judged, due to having anxiety or depression.  Each of us has a different tolerance and resilience level and you cannot be the same as someone you may be comparing yourself to.

Prolonged stress has an effect on your mental and physical wellbeing

Constantly worrying about the future leads to prolonged stress which can take a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing, as it did for me.  I had two stomach operations due to personal stress.  Most mornings, I couldn’t concentrate as I felt fatigued.  While talking to people, I would stumble over my words as if I couldn’t string a sentence together anymore. That only added to my stress causing further anxiety and depression.

7 Ways to Cope In Stressful Times

  1. Anxiety nor depression is not a display of weakness, nor is getting help. Reach out and ask for help before plunging into a permanent space of darkness. Many celebrities are not afraid of using Life Coaches to improve their lives, and so can you.  Using this link, see which celebrities have Life Coaches;
  2. Go into a quiet space daily, and visualise yourself in the most peaceful, blissful space you can ever imagine and stay in it for as long as you can. This quiets the mind and you get to relax;
  3. The voice you hear asking you ‘what if’, is a powerful mental awareness of a fear-based question, by the ego/imposter mind. It is there to protect you but not to hold you back in your tracks.  When the voice of ‘what if’ comes up, respond with a ‘thank you’ and leave it at that.  In this way, you are acknowledging it and the question stops.  I have other more powerful techniques to deal with the ego/imposter voice;
  4. Raise your energy by setting intentions in the morning for how you would like your day to look.  Don’t have any expectations and keep the attitude of acceptance;
  5. Being fully connected to your reason, inspires you to get up in the morning.  You will have meaning and purpose once again.  I use a phenomenal process to help people with this;
  6. Focus only on your reason and that which has meaning for you.  When you focus on the wrong things, you become stressed and anxious;
  7. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are not them. You have your own journey and your own timing;

It doesn’t have to be this way.  You can have the tools to manage your stress in order to avoid dipping in or plunging headfirst into anxiety and depression.  With more than five years as a Transformation Life Coach, I can assist you to get your feet back on the ground to live a better, peaceful, and more fulfilling life that has meaning and purpose.  Be the strong brave one, who changes their life for the better, and contact me today for one free 45-minute session.

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