There is a negative impact on you when not following your purpose of life, and as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I am here to share with you why this impacts you.

Currently, you may be questioning your purpose, and your reason for your existence, amongst other related questions around these.  The thoughts possibly are running wild in your mind most days making you feel down, unworthy, and wondering why you exist.  Eventually, you may even have suicidal thoughts. It is at this time that most finally admit their anxiety has worsened and that they may be depressed.

I questioned my purpose and existence many years ago.  In hindsight, my purpose was right in front of me.  However, I had fears, doubts about my abilities, fear of change, and much more.  Never linking the beliefs together with why I wasn’t following my purpose, I continued down a path of never reaching a feeling of fulfillment, meaning, and purpose.

Often, I’d be questioning myself ‘what if this isn’t my purpose’.  And ‘what if I follow what I think is my purpose, and then it’s not my purpose, and I wasted time and money on the wrong thing?’.  Thus, causing me to give up before I even start.  Only when I followed what I always knew was right for me which is to be a Life Coach (in Johannesburg), then I could follow my dreams and feel fulfilled.

There are many scenarios you may be caught up in regarding your purpose, which are possibly different from mine.  But until someone shows you what your purpose of life is, and until you feel it, and are inspired by it, you will continue to make the wrong choices.  Let go of your fears, doubts, and other limiting beliefs, and then you can follow your purpose.

In my experience with clients, as well as my own experience which is similar to Tony Robbins‘ findings, the following fears are what hold you back from living your purpose:

  1. You fear that you are not smart, intelligent, or experienced enough. In this case, you minimise yourself and make the other person into something they are not.  Your creativity, brain power, and imagination and thus affected
  2. The fear of failure, disappointment, or judgment.  As well as the fear of success. You tell yourself “I don’t know what I want to do”.  This is only due to fears.  If a child falls and refuses to get up and walk again, it’s going against its natural nature
  3. Desperately fear losing money.  Or even fear of making money. This will result in failure, disappointment in self, and of course losing money, and then what? You fear judgment by others in terms of looking stupid to others and wondering how people will see you
  4. For some, it can be the fear of losing loved ones. You may think, ‘what if my partner leaves me as this will take up a lot of my time and effort.  Then the question is also raised of ‘what if I lose it all?’
  5. Rejection relates to all subordination fears
  6. Physical fears about not being attractive enough, vital enough, young enough, strong enough, or not healthy enough
  7. Breaking morals and ethics of some spiritual authority
  8. Fear of change. What will happen if a substantial change comes from following my purpose and fear of the unknown

Together we can discover your purpose and what is holding you back from achieving your dream career.  This then opens you up to many opportunities, resources, and excitement about a future that suddenly seems so possible.

The techniques I use as a Life Coach in Johannesburg are not known to many other professionals and therefore offer a unique and profound service.  My passion to help you find your purpose is a fire in me that drives me to wake up in the morning and inspires me to do what I love. And that is to help you discover your purpose in life so you may feel and do the same.  Book now, by clicking here for one free session to embark on a journey of self-discovery, purpose of life, an inspiring and fulfilling career, meaning, and knowing yourself.

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