As a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, I work with my clients to let go of their fears of the unknown.  This has caused some of them anxiety as they attempt to move forward in life.  It is through the coaching processes I use today that helped me and so many of my clients to stop fearing the unknown.  Due to this, they are able to move forward in life including in their careers.  Many of the clients that I work with are in the same position as I was once in, so I am able to empathise with their pain and suffering.

Fear of the unknown can stem from a lack of trust.  You don’t trust the flow of life or even lack trust in yourself.  Lack of trust can stem from past betrayal.  You may have been betrayed at work, by a spouse or partner or even your family or friends.  Often clients don’t trust themselves to make decisions due to bad choices they have made in the past.  Forcing yourself to trust again can be scary as it’s unknown what will happen.  Can you trust the way forward?

Fear of the unknown leads to darkness in your life.  The fear holds you back from achieving your best life.  Your best life only comes when you stay true to yourself and to your purpose.

Clients often say I have taken risks before or taken a leap of faith before or something in line with this.  And then go on to ask me, so why is it so difficult this time?  The truth is that the more you suppress emotions and don’t deal with them, in the moment they appear or soon after, the more those emotions build up within you.  Your fears, lack of trust and other emotions become stronger each time you suppress them.

It can be so hard to trust the unknown when your intention is to start something new like a new job, business, relationship or even when you choose to follow a different path in life.  It’s so much easier to avoid the unknown so you don’t have to deal with any of it.  However, this is a reaction based on fear that will keep you in your comfort zone.  The more you stay in your comfort zone, the less you grow and evolve as a person.

Here are 8 steps you can take to stop fearing the unknown:

  1. Trust the things you desire for yourself, and value yourself;
  2. Be the authentic you no matter what. Pain and suffering only happens when you are not true to yourself;
  3. Affirm to yourself daily, ‘with trust, I will continue to grow and evolve’;
  4. See where you have trusted in the past and the good it brought to you;
  5. Everything has served its purpose and brought you to where you are now. Take the learnings from it and move forward. Take responsibility for your own life and learn not to make the same mistakes again otherwise, it will continue to happen until you learn the lesson/s;
  6. Deal with your emotions as they appear in the moment by letting them go;
  7. Stop resisting opening up to the unknown. Resistance is generally the cause of a lot of pain and suffering;
  8. Take the necessary steps to move out of your comfort zone;

If you would like to learn how you can stop fearing the unknown in a more advanced and faster method, I invite you to join me for a free 45 minute, one-on-one session.  As a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, I have used these proven techniques to help myself and many of my clients to move forward in their life.  In so doing they have let go of their fears and anxieties.  The testimonials will reveal where many lives have transformed due to the coaching processes.

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