Uncertainty relating to your goals and direction in your life may lower your self-esteem, but as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, it is my passion and purpose to provide you with answers and raise your self-esteem.  You may be going from day to day with little or no vision at all.  Living in hope that life will get better one day and when it finally gets better, that’s when you will make plans towards goals for yourself.

You function from day to day on your usual routine and structure, where you have some or little results.  Fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs stop you from achieving your big dreams.  Heightened emotions only cause the thoughts to race around in your head like a jet plane that never runs out of fuel.  The feelings become stronger and make you feel worse over time.  Thus leading you to feel stuck and trapped in life.  Once this happens you:

  • Feel unfulfilled,
  • Feel that something is missing and you don’t know what it is – there is a void
  • Have a lack of motivation
  • Procrastinate
  • Compare yourself to others

Your thoughts form part of your mental well-being and they affect your self-worth, belief, and trust in yourself.  You may often find yourself comparing your life and what you have achieved to those around you.  It appears they have more, and also that they have a better life.  This only lowers your self-esteem further to a deeper darker space where you feel you are incapable, unaccomplished, useless, hopeless, and demotivated. You have no reason to move forward in life.

In the words of Dr. Demartini, no one is going to wake up in the morning for you.  Therefore you have to take control of your life.  Change how you do things in terms of routine and structure.  Respond to people better, coming from a space of love.

Then start implementing these 9 empowering steps to create, and plan towards an inspiring vision for yourself:

  1. Define what tools and talents you have that can help you to achieve your dream;
  2. Create a plan of how you could do what you desire;
  3. Implement your plan;
  4. Continue to define and refine your plan;
  5. Keep persevering;
  6. Set sensible and achievable time frames that inspire you;
  7. Ensure that you have a purpose larger than where you currently find yourself;
  8. Reflect and see what has worked and what hasn’t;
  9. Reward yourself when you have achieved each step.

If you are waiting for something to change in the outside world, you are living in the effect of life.  You have little control and you are not causing nor creating your life to happen.  Stop waiting and start making it happen for you by taking charge of your life.

Once you bring awareness to your current circumstances and decide where you are going without fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs then your self-esteem will be heightened and you can live the life you truly desire.  It can be challenging to overcome fears, doubts, and those beliefs that limit you, but it is possible. I can help you today to raise your self-esteem to be confident, to believe in yourself, and trust yourself once again.  And then you can live your dream while having an inspiring purpose of life.  Achieve your best life today, by contacting your Life Coach in Johannesburg to transform your life.

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