Resistance to change along with negative feelings and beliefs can contribute to depression and anxiety which lowers our emotional intelligence (EQ). Change is hard to face only because you have fears which limit you and cause you to remain in your comfort zone. Your Reticular Activating System, the Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism and the Amygdala are on their ongoing pursuit of your protection and comfort to do things the same old way. Unfortunately, this stops or limits you from growth.

Too many people are stagnating for the fear of change. Some consciously or subconsciously believe that it is not necessary to change. Thus, remaining in their same routines, same beliefs, same emotions; which are to be angry, frustrated, depressed, controlling, resentful, anxious, stressed. All of which are not used for their true purpose which is to make informed choices in a conscious state of mind where you are proactive rather than reactive.

We have all embraced changes in technology. There are new forms of healing, computers at work making our work easier, a convenient way to cook foods, wash clothes and much more. When watching movies set in the 1920’s or 1930’s, you have the opportunity to see how things once were.  How technology has been created and advanced by humans. People coped with sand roads, no TV’s, no cell phones, no internet, no jet aeroplanes and slow old-fashioned cars.

When you see this, then only can you be so thankful for all the changes and appreciate that change can also be good. We did not resist change in technology because we see so many benefits in it. We have benefited from this change by using laptops, cell phones, internet, Netflix, PlayStation games, Google and much more. Yet when change happens in our own lives we resist it with force using a lot of your energy to do this. We do not apply the transformation to our own lives and get help from professionals to grow as a person.

In my lifetime I’ve been fortunate enough to not have a computer at home.  Also no cell phone, no TV, no Google. And then fortunate enough to be part of the era where the development of cell phones, computers and recording methods were created. And again, fortunate enough to see how they have all transformed for the better.

Why do we think we are any different that we must not evolve over time?

In order to live with change, the following 9 powerful steps can help you

embrace/manage change:

  • Acceptance is key – the more you resist, the more it will persist;
  • Stop obsessing about yourself – put your focus on how you can serve people and watch your life transform;
  • Step out of your comfort zone – as long as you will benefit by doing this and you cannot harm yourself mentally or physically, nor harm anyone else in the process;
  • Let go of fears that stop you from your personal growth;
  • Be open to changing your belief systems;
  • Believe in yourself;
  • Love yourself enough to allow yourself to grow and be better;
  • Instead of resisting look how you can make a difference to support the change;
  • Apply transformation to your personal life;

The sooner you accept change, the easier your life becomes. There are few certainties in life but resisting change takes up a lot of your energy. Stop trying to control and resist change, instead rather accept it. You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary emotions by not stressing and allow it to just be. You will also raise your energy and enjoy life. Life is genuinely better for you when you stop resisting change and stop resisting your own personal growth.

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