While you are stuck in your comfort zone, you are prevented from unlocking your true potential which stops you from living your true purpose of life.

Think back to before lockdown happened. Were you feeling like you were caught in a landslide? Did you hate every minute of your job? Did you feel as if you were falling down the landslide into a cage where you feel that you are trapped in this job forever?

You come home stressed every day as you don’t know the way out of your situation.  You feel frustrated by your circumstances and this causes you to allow any little thing to set the time bomb off inside of you and you react in anger.  Unfortunately, you and many others take it out on those you love knowing deep down that they don’t deserve it.

With each day that goes on you feel that, instead of getting better, life is only getting worse. Now we have to deal with COVID-19 on top of everything else!  While you think things must get better, you have no idea how to make them better.  This is what we do as humans, we always want to know how.  The how doesn’t matter. It’s your intention that matters and then what you do about it, to make it happen.  The action only has to be one small step at a time and you will know the how as it starts happening.

This is the time now to plan out your steps and then take action on them with the absolute belief that you can do it.  When you follow your true passion and purpose you will not give up even if the going gets tough.    And the going can get tough even when you are following your true passion.  But you will find a way to overcome it because it is your purpose.  Tough times are a natural period of growth.

9 Steps to take to follow your passion and purpose:

  1. What are your strengths? How can you use them?
  2. Look at your skills. How can you use them?
  3. Can you make a living from your hobby?
  4. What do you love to do that can serve people and receive a fair exchange for your services?
  5. Ask yourself, what if I serve people powerfully?
  6. Choose your thoughts, don’t allow your ego-mind or as I call it, Charlatan (meaning: a person, or in this case, the voice in your head, practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick or deception).  This is not you or who you are, it is a voice that will deceive you and break you down if you allow it;
  7. This is your calling now to make a change, move out of your comfort zone;
  8. Start doing what you love to do, with energy and passion;
  9. If you are stuck and want to know what your passion and purpose is, answer the questions in my ‘Unique Purpose Finder’ questionnaire. The cost involved is only for the two-hour session afterwards with me to go through the questionnaire and find out why you have never followed your passion and purpose.  Once you have this information, only you will stop yourself from following the outcome;

If you apply purpose and passion you will get to where you want to be.

Uncertainty breeds fear.  Master the state you choose for yourself.  Talk to people who breed certainty, listen to people who breed peace, love and happiness.

If you want to get to know how I can help you break through your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that stop you from doing what you love from day to day, in order to know your purpose of life, then contact me now.  Together we can brainstorm ideas to get you to where you would love to be in your career.

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