No one is better than you and vice versa.  Many find this hard to believe because we are wired to compare ourselves to others.  Unfortunately, this can cause self-judgement as well as judgement on others.  All contribute to your anxiety and possibly even leads to depression.

Comparing gives you a sense of value or worth.  You compare yourself in relation to family members, work colleagues and friends.  You look down on beggars or those who are not where you believe you are at, raising your own value.  Then you look at the rich who drive fancy cars and live in mansions and put yourself down.

Your values are continuously improving giving rise to the envy of their success and talent.  This, subconsciously or consciously, raises the question as to how does this make you valuable or not valuable?  Here we play the status game.

Every day you deal with challenges.  Your natural instinct is to want more out of life.  In order to better yourself though, you must compete with those you perceive to be better than you.  The upside of this is that internal growth occurs as a result of you accepting the challenge.  However, the downside happens when you compare yourself and put yourself down believing you will never be as good as that person.

Comparing yourself is an unrealistic measure because you want their success but do you really want the hardships that come with it?  You have no idea what dark struggles that person faced to get to where they are and if you did know, I seriously doubt you would wish for the same life.

Ask yourself if you are going to be better than yourself, rather than be better than someone else.  Then rise above your former self.  We all have the same characteristics; it is up to you to choose which ones would best suit you to be the best you.

Comparing yourself to others will eventually cause anxiety and even depression in your life.  If you feel this has had a negative impact on your life, it is time to transform the former you.  You can Master your own Life and unlock your true inner potential.  Call me today to transform your life for inner growth and success.  Also, see the Hang out with Experts page for Dana Prophet’s talk on 8 Simple Steps to Create the Life You’ll Love on the 4th of September 2019