Achieve A Balanced Lifestyle That Makes Life Worth Living Through Transformation Coaching

This is what you will gain by attending and how you will evolve:

  • Build yourself up from within for a courageous life aligned with your vision. There is no greater strength than the strength you have within that builds your courage to achieve your goals;
  • You will have direction and clarity rather than allow yourself to be distracted, which limits you from achieving your goals;
  • You will know your personal values and live by them.  Through knowing your values, you will be driven to achieve more;
  • A lifestyle that suits your overall desires;
  • Set high-priority goals in order to focus on your goals;
  • Understand what it means to live a balanced life and start living it;
  • Enjoy what life has to offer you;

Why You Don’t Achieve The Lifestyle You Would Love

  • Possible disappointments one too many times by not achieving your goals
  • A lack of motivation to set goals
  • Personally not doing enough, or making enough effort to get you to where you would love to be
  • Afraid of success or failure
  • Fear of being judged, laughed at
  • Feel too small to make it big
  • Uncertainty of even trying something new can be overwhelming, creating feelings of fear that cause anxiety, stress, and self-doubt.
  • Fear of change 
  • Too difficult to step out of your comfort zone
  • Give up too easily or too quickly
  • Comparing your situation to others
  • Setting goals that are too big;

These are all relatable to me through various attempts to set goals. Yet the pain of never achieving my goals, while others are achieving theirs, can be disheartening.  Although I wasn’t afraid of risk, my mindset wasn’t in the right space for me to achieve.  Mentally I was chasing something that would give me a sense of freedom and purpose.  Yet that didn’t happen even though I tried so many different businesses.

Looking back now, I did know my purpose.  I simply never believed it was a possibility or something I deserved.  Eventually, at 47 years old, I made the shift and I have never looked back in my career.

I have peace of mind, an emotional intelligence that I never thought was possible or achievable, and tools that help me through life-changing moments.  I never knew how much peace this would bring me and how it could shift my life beyond all expectations.  Now that I have reached my goals to transform from within, I am ready to move on to transforming my lifestyle and I would love for you to join me on this journey.  Take advantage of this opportunity that will move you toward a lifestyle designed by you and for you.

Experience the following transformations:

  • knowing the right direction for you after removing that which is limiting you from achieving;
  • create a life you will love, which in turn creates harmony and peace of mind;
  • discovering what is most important to you, in terms of your values, which will inspire you;
  • align yourself with your goals;
  • step out of your comfort zone.  Your purpose on this earth is to evolve and not to stagnate and the only way to do this is to take that step now;
  • receive tools that will remove uncertainty, fears, self-doubt, guilt, or belief systems that hold you back from what is possible for you to achieve;

Activities On This Course:

  • Discovering your inner values that resonate with you and motivate you to achieve;
  • Set high-priority goals to grow from within;
  • Discover what it is you need that will drive you to achieve your goals and desires;
  • Action steps to make it come together for you;
  • Reading material that is transforming to your life;
  • On offer in this course is a phenomenal technique that will align you with your most important goal to get you started;

This Transformational course will change your lifestyle to what you would love to have for yourself.  Why fit into society, when you can take action now for a lifestyle you deserve which is beyond your expectations or those of societies?

Dates: 23rd and 24th of November 2024 

Venue: Address to be confirmed

Price: Pay the Early Bird fee now which is R2,497-00 up to 07 November 2024. As from the 8th of November 2024, the cost is R2,997-00   

For further information, contact Debbie on WhatsApp on 061-563-0916 or click here to contact Debbie by email using the contact form 

About Your Facilitator:  Debbie

Click here to find out more about Debbie and here for the tools used to help you achieve a lifestyle you will love.

It’s Not Denial.  I’m Just Selective About The Reality I Accept –

Calvin And Hobbes

The inspiring Individual course is ONLY for people willing to do the following: 1) Play full out 2) Push past your own limits 3)  Take responsibility for your own life and raise your self-worth 4) Have fun and experience peace of mind 5) Meet like-minded people. If you can comfortably do these five things, this may be a perfect fit for you.

This is for anyone who would like to turn their life around and shift to a new improved you.  You have the opportunity here to reset and learn tools that will help you from day to day.  Stop comparing yourself to others and be the person you choose to be.  Raise your self-esteem. Know what your purpose is and become unstuck.  Are you ready to collaborate with the great and experienced minds to take you to the next level?

Why Do You Need This Individual Course? And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

Transform Your Life To A Peaceful, Happier, Fulfilled Life That Includes Mindful Well-Being, And Higher Self-Worth…

I Offer Practical And Easy To Use Tools To Cope In Challenging Times

Be Different, Stop Following Societal Forms Who Wait Until New Year’s To Make Lifestyle Changes.  There is no time like the present, so book today.