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Before you proceed to the questionnaire, please read the following terms and conditions, you will be redirected to the start of the questionnaire immediately.


Before we commence with the Purpose Finder questionnaire, please read this disclosure and commitment agreement. As your agreement to this I need you to click on the ‘Agree’ tab below. This is to acknowledge that you have read and that you understand what you are committing to. The legal stuff is in the disclosure. I have kept to a minimum. Please ensure you understand everything before agreeing to it. Call me if you do not understand anything so that I can clarify your query. The Client commitment agreement is not a legal document. It’s your personal commitment to me that you are serious about knowing your purpose.


  1. My legal status

All the techniques and skills I use are considered either coaching or complementary health care under law. I am not a licensed medical doctor or Psychological practitioner. That means that I am not a Medical Doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, Master’s in Family Therapy (MFT), or a Master’s in Social Work (MSW). The services you receive are not licensed in this country, nor are they regulated by a governmental body.


Purpose Finder

This “is a questionnaire enables you to search deep within to remind you of your purpose, because ultimately you do know what your purpose is.  You only have to search within yourself to find what you have suppressed due to fears, insecurities, doubts and limiting beliefs.

The Purpose Finder helps you find or focus on your true purpose and passion.  Once you know your what it is, then you can develop your skills accordingly how best you see fit for yourself.

  1. Confidentiality

I keep all information I receive from you, confidential, and do not disclose it unless I am required to disclose any information by the law.

  1. Guarantees

I will always provide only those services in which I have been trained, and if I find that I cannot help you, I will refer you to a licensed person who can assist you. Furthermore, nothing that happens when we meet should be construed as, nor should you believe that it is a substitute for the advice of a licensed person.

All work that I do is guaranteed. That means that you will receive the support and follow-up to ensure that you get the results you wanted. I guarantee my work because my experience has shown me that my clients always get results.

The guarantee works like this:

  • You must answer the questions in as much detail as possible. Remember what you put in is what you get out;
  • You must finish the questionnaire and answer as many questions as possible;
  • You must set at least 2-4 hours aside to complete the questionnaire.  If you need time to ask friends or family some questions, do not leave the questionnaire for longer than 2 hours and come back to it to complete it.  There is no save option;
  • Having done this and followed through on your appointment with Debbie, and you do not have a solution to your purpose, I will continue to help you search within to find your purpose at no additional charge.
  • The Purpose Finder is considered completed when both you and I are in agreement that you know what your purpose is;
  • The purpose finder is a compass to set you in the right direction of your purpose and is up to you how you follow through on that.  I cannot be held responsible for fears, limiting beliefs you put in your path.  I can however through additional Coaching help you overcome these at the prescribed rate per hour.  Please ask Debbie for further details;
  • If you do not find your purpose after the discussion with Debbie, there is a money back guaranteed policy;
  1. Fees

All fees should be paid through payfast available on this website and prior to commencing the questionnaire.

  1. Your Choice, Your Responsibility

Following the questionnaire and session of up to one hour Coaching session after, I will offer you advice and other ways of looking at your problem and solutions for your consideration. Whatever we discuss is only my perspective and is not binding upon you, nor is it a prescription. If you want to discuss my suggestions with someone else, you should discuss them with a licensed health care provider. It is your responsibility to confirm whether or not the questionnaire produced the desired results. It is your responsibility to communicate your results to me.

By ‘Agreeing’ to this disclosure I confirm that I have read and understood it clearly and accept my responsibility to comply with disclosing any information determined relevant by this disclosure.


I hereby choose to agree and commit to:

  • Be open to every possible opportunity;
  • Set aside 2 to 4 hours to complete the questionnaire in full at a time I know I will not be distracted;
  • Agree that what I do about my purpose after completing the questionnaire, is my responsibility entirely;
  • Complete the questionnaire to the best of my ability and my knowledge in order to achieve the best results for me;
  • I understand that this questionnaire will set me in the right direction of my purpose and it is up to me to make it happen however I see best for me;
  • Once I know my inner purpose and passion, I take responsibility to develop the skills set required thereafter;
  • Change anything I need to change to get what I would like to have in my career and my life;
  • To let go of anything in my past that hinders my future or is bad for me;
  • Follow Debbie’s instructions;

Terms & Conditions

There are no special terms and conditions, exception clauses or any other legal jargon in this commitment agreement. This agreement is only binding as long as you want it to be. You can exit at any time. I will not impose any penalties on you what so ever in any circumstance. There is only 1 clause in this agreement, the warning clause. Please read it and consider carefully before signing this agreement.


Please consider entering this agreement carefully. Signing this agreement is a clear message to your Subconscious Mind that you are serious about finding your purpose and following your inner passion. Any breach of this agreement will constitute a message that you are not serious about finding your purpose, to your Subconscious Mind. A confused mind is very unproductive and can cause you to get exactly the same results that you are used to. Yes, those same results that caused you to be considering entering into this agreement in the first place. Whatever you decide now will give you results. Consider the results you want and then choose accordingly.

I choose to never know my purpose

I choose to know my purpose today

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