When someone cannot mix anger and alcohol together, Anger Management can be a solution.  We witnessed what could have been a huge fight between two groups, while out one evening.  One group of people were clearly not in control of their anger.  While another group were completely in control of their emotions.

To explain further what happened.  My husband and I were out watching the cricket at a Sports diner.  We saw a fight developing which was obviously evolving from the mix of alcohol and anger.

The cricket was on some of the TV’s in the restaurant, while soccer on some of the other TV’s.  Through the smoking section, we saw two groups specifically watching soccer.  One group were two men in their late twenties supporting one soccer team. While in the other group were six youngsters around 19 to 24 supporting the opposite team.  The two men clearly had too much to drink which had provoked their inner anger.

After the game, there was much joy and cheering for the winning team which the youngsters were supporting, and a conversation pursued between the two groups of supporters.  The two men started raising their voices and swearing at the youngsters.  As I watched I could see the irritation, frustration and anger build up as the two guys continued drinking.

What typically happens is that intoxication increases aggression.  Losing control and ability to manage their anger, is caused by a loss of inhibition.  One specific trait has a huge impact on whether alcohol makes you aggressive.

Alcohol increases the odds of physical aggression which only results in shame, hurt, guilt and much regret after the event.  Worse outcomes can come from anger and rage.  For example: hurting someone and putting them in a hospital.  As a result, you may possibly be summoned to a court having a lawsuit to deal with. Your uncontrolled anger initiated the outcome, by drinking enough to evoke the anger within you.  In such a case, a person would be advised by their attorney to start Anger Management Classes.  Therefore, for your own benefit, it would be best to get help before reaching this stage.

Eventually, the restaurant Manager intervened and stopped the two men, insisting that they leave.  I was, however, amazed at the way the 6 youngsters.  There were enough of them to overpower the two men easily.  Yet they remained calm and in control of their emotions.  They did not provoke the two men further.  For the most part, they were emotionally intelligent enough to ignore them.  Considering the implications, this was the best thing to do.

If you have found yourself in this situation where the mix of alcohol and anger resulted in your physical aggression, it is time to get help.  Before you reach the point of a worst-case scenario, have a look at my website page on Anger Management.  Find out how you can be in a position where you are rational and in control.  By attending Anger Management classes, you can manage your anger again. I will take you through a powerful Transformation Coaching program that will empower you.  Consequently, you will be the master of your emotions.