The suffering caused by anxiety and anxiety attacks can often be brought on by having and holding on to attachments.

Having attachments to loved ones, money and our jobs are just some of the many causes.  They leave you feeling insecure with many fears, doubts and a busy mind that keeps you up at night.  Other attachments are pets, cars, houses, furniture or other material assets.

As a result of feeling that your needs are met, you automatically feel better.  In contrast, what you find when searching deep within you, is that they are only a mask.  Attachments make you feel better for a short period of time.  As a result, the need arises again and you look for something else to fill the need.  As they are temporary, they do not fill your real needs.  Consequently, you reach the point of having to deal with your fears, insecurities, doubts and other suppressed emotions.

The fear of losing a loved one can make you needy, clingy and possibly even demanding or possessive.  You become entangled and dependent on relationships rather than being independent.  Detachment will not work either as you become cold and unloving.

Imagine you don’t care about your breathing.  Consequently, your breathing could deteriorate as you become detached to your breathing. Now imagine what the consequences of this action will be?

Furthermore, imagine now being attached to your breathing.  What will happen here is that you will worry if you are breathing correctly.  Doubts will set igniting fears of how it is affecting your heart and lungs.  The more concerned you become the more anxious you become.  As a result, you have possibly created bad breathing patterns by worrying about your breathing.  This will ultimately affect your body and mind breeding panic attacks.

Rather become involved in your relationship without the attachments or detachments.  Love and appreciate the person for who they are including the good and the bad, catching sight of how both sides serve you.  This will only help you grow from within and will also make your relationship stronger.  If you cannot do this on your own, transformation coaching can help you.  Your perceptions change to love and appreciation of what you perceive to be the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sides of your loved one.  Being grateful is a powerful daily tool you can use to lift your energy and love more fully.

A client recently asked me, is being grateful for my house and belongings an attachment?  She said that every morning before she leaves her home, she says thank you for her lovely home and the goods inside.  You can test this for yourself.  Ask, how would I feel and how would I react if I lost all my belongings?  A good indication you are attached is when you have a strong emotional reaction. Above all, a reaction of feeling the loss of attachments, a lacking feeling, fear or insecurity, are also good indications you are attached.

Anything that causes anxiety or anxiety attacks through attachment which will make you react in a negative manner or, that creates a strong emotional charge of emotions within you can be managed with Transformational Coaching.  You will be able to let go of your attachments and the causes behind them.  This will create a balanced state of mind for you.  Most noteworthy, you will be in control of your life rather than having your attachments control you and your state of mind.

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