Successfully Treating Anxiety And Depression, Using Proven Transformation Coaching Tools For Your Well-Being

By Treating The Causes Of Anxiety And Depression, You Will Experience Mental Wellbeing, Freedom, A World Off Your Shoulders, Inspiration to Move Forward, Confidence, Direction And Purpose

NB: Online Coaching Available During Lockdown


Depression Symptoms Include:


Various feelings, as well as continuous negative thoughts, trigger emotions within you causing anxiety. You feel nervous and overwhelmed while your breathing rate increases.  Your palms start sweating and you start having heart palpitations that make you feel sick.  As the thoughts persist so does the overwhelming feeling which then causes anxiety attacks or panic attacks.   The thoughts run like a hamster on a wheel getting you nowhere.  There is no clarity of thought and so the circle of anxiety continues while becoming worse over time.

You received anxiety meds, but in some cases, they may not seem to be working.  This happened to me too.  And so a journey began to find a way of how to stop anxiety.

It has only been through the coaching tools that I use today, where I found the best treatment for anxiety and depression.

Intense Feelings of Sadness

If you have feelings of intense sadness for an extended period of time there is a possibility you may have Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

MDD can cause you to feel that you cannot shake the feelings of sadness and you keep hanging on to the feelings and thoughts, which possibly become progressively worse over time.

Fatigue and Sleep Problems

You lay there at night overthinking.  Judging yourself by finding what you did wrong during the day or what you could have said or done better.  You also worry about the past and the future creating further stress and panic leaving you confused and doubtful.  You cannot get to sleep because it is one thought after the other racing through your head.  As you toss and turn you feel tired and more depressed.  As you try harder to sleep you feel more anxious which has a negative effect on you.

Upon awakening in the morning, you feel tired from the lack of sleep adding to the feelings of depression. You may have reached the point where you wake up feeling the dread of still being alive, so you pull the blankets over your head and hide in the darkness.  This becomes your comfort zone as there are less expectations of you, fewer life problems, no crazy traffic, no demanding people, only this quiet dark space that feels comfortable to stay in, so you curl up in a ball and fall back to sleep.  You may even stay there for the whole day.

Hopeless Outlook on Life

As you become more stressed, worried, depressed your body and mind take more pressure.  You get sick more often than usual contributing to the depression.

It feels as though you don’t have a way out.  No one understands where you are, and seems as though no one is listening.  There is no end to the nightmare that you feel trapped in,  no hope, no way forward, so you feel that giving up is the only way out for you.

It appears that one of the ways out is to take sleeping tablets.  Those who are jobless will even take sleeping tablets during the day to sleep all day.  Some take illegal drugs, some choose to drink their problems away, while others take prescribed medication.  All of these only suppress the feelings and you never actually deal with them.  As humans, we are meant to deal with them at some time and not continuously suppress them.  There is good professional help available to ensure you deal with the feelings to let go of them.

Lost Interest in Life

Because you have these continuous thoughts in your head you tend to over-analyze situations, your life, and yourself.  Over analyzing will only cause you to lose more interest in life because you have seen everything negative in it rather than see what opportunities are available to you.

You will start to withdraw from sports, hobbies, sex, friendships, or whatever previously made you happy and made you feel fulfilled.

As you lose interest your drive, ambition, willingness, courage all fades and your energy drops to an all-time low for you.

It is not all doom and gloom as there is a way out for you with professional help.

Changes In Appetite And Weight

Everyone deals with their emotions differently so some will eat more and gain weight while others will eat less and lose weight.  Either way, if it was never their intention to lose or gain weight then it may be caused by depression.

Emotions Making You Feel Depressed?

When you are experiencing many emotions within, such as •fears  •stress  •worry    •hurt •sadness •guilt •self-judgement •self-doubt, they can all contribute to the state you are in.  All these emotions are brought about by much self-talk thus supporting the negative emotions you experience.  These thoughts and emotions make you feel you are sinking down into a deep dark black hole.

Nothing seems to go right for you, only for other people as they are the ‘lucky ones’ and you are the one that has to face the hardships of life every day.  You carry this weight of life with you which feels like it is getting heavier and heavier each day.

Self-doubt brings you to the point of being your own worst enemy.  You judge yourself harshly for the things you do.  You analyze everything you say, do or have or not have in your life.

Your emotions can be managed when you decide to take control of them.  The Transformational Life Coaching tools we use are proven to be successful and are available to you as a huge stepping stone towards lifting your energy so that you feel better and you are in control of your life and emotions again.


I experienced depression and anxiety and lived on anti-depressants for ten years.  The anti-depressants turned me into a zombie and I lost sight of who I was.  The anti-anxiety meds didn’t help in serious cases either.  Each day, I’d feel hopeless as I felt I could never be happy again.  The nagging thought of what is my purpose was a daily occurrence.

As a mother I would judge myself, judge my position at work, question how I communicated in social interactions.  During presentations my voice crumbled and I would jump from one topic to another.  Then after the presentation, I would start the cycle again of judging myself for the wrong I did, compounding my misery.

One of my symptoms of being depressed was Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD, TMJD), which I suffered with for many years, where I had to have a bite plate made to stop clenching my jaw while sleeping.  I would wake up with headaches and a sore neck every morning.  I couldn’t put a brush through my hair without it hurting because my head was so sensitive due to clenching my jaw during the night.  I bought many pillows and threw many of them away thinking that was the problem.   I often went to a chiropractor but this wasn’t treating the symptoms and only putting temporary measures in place for relief for short periods of time.  The problem, however, was within i.e. my anxiety and depression.

After seven years of reading self-help books (which were great as I learned so much from them, but they never provided the tools to truly help me let go). I finally found my way to the transformation coaching processes I practice today. Through these processes, I managed to reduce my anxiety and depression and I no longer suffer from anxiety which also cleared the TMJD. I now live a happier, more peaceful life.  Living with purpose and meaning I feel fulfilled in my career.  There is now clear direction and clarity for me in terms of my goals.  This has helped me today as I have grown my business to include a shop with books and esoteric gifts.

By being consciously aware of my thoughts, and being able to manage them without me becoming emotional, I am more secure in myself and accepting of myself.  If any thoughts triggers me emotionally, I have the tools to deal with them.  The same tools I use in my coaching.

These processes have helped me, as well as many of my clients who are on their journey to a better life for themselves.


By identifying the causes which created your beliefs and emotions around Anxiety and Depression, we will uproot them and clear them away through Negative Emotional Therapy and Negative Belief Therapy, which will eliminate the baggage you carry.

I will teach you how to utilize your mind.  By doing this your emotional intelligence goes up and you are better able to manage your thoughts running through your mind.  The processes assist in quietening the mind in order for your life to become more peaceful, taking you back to that happy space you were once in and deserve.

All you have to do to experience a better life for yourself once again is to book a complimentary session with me to find out how the processes of this program work.  I will provide you with the tools to work with.  As long as you are also willing to take responsibility for your own life by setting the intention to develop yourself. When you do this, you will grow from strength to strength in your life, your inner world raises your self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth because you deserve a better life.


My transformation coaching program will lead you once again to feel:

  • happy as if a reset button has been hit for you
  • you have peace of mind, equalling good mental health
  • worthy
  • courageous
  • loving and accepting of yourself
  • more energetic
  • that you do believe in yourself
  • you can trust yourself and your decisions
  • receive the best treatment for anxiety and depression
  • have the tools to know how to stop anxiety

You will be the master of your destiny and the captain of your ship once again.  Above all of this, you will feel liberated, more rational, have emotional intelligence, be logical in your thought process, and be proactive.


The pain of anxiety and depression can become too intense to deal with which takes over your life.  You feel that there is no end to the sadness in your life and this makes you feel worse which adds to the anxiety caused by stress.

When you suffer from Anxiety and Depression you allow your moods and behaviors to affect you and even those around you.

With anxiety, you experience repeated sudden intense fear and terror.  It can sometimes be about the future, the past, a job, or a job interview, or anything that will generally push you out of your comfort zone.

You start shaking, have shortness of breath and your heart starts fluttering or pounding which sends you into a panic or anxiety attack.  You struggle to get a good night’s sleep and even if you feel you do, you may still wake up feeling brain fogged.  The vicious cycle continues from one day to the next and becomes worse with every challenge you encounter.

In a nutshell, what is happening is that your emotions of anxiety and depression are taking control of you rather than you being in control of your own emotions. You allow your emotions of sadness, hurt, guilt, shame, worry, stress to make decisions for you.  You are not always logical and therefore it is difficult to make decisions.  These emotions result in habits being formed that dictate your life and take control of you.

Being in control of your emotions is known as emotional intelligence and when you have emotional intelligence your energy and conscious state of mind improves so that you live the life you would love to live.  Your energy is lifted, you have more will power and the roles are reversed so that you take charge again of your life.  It is a very liberating experience.

There are various forms of treatment for Anxiety and Depression, however, the Life Coaching processes I used to overcome my anxiety and depression are the most effective form of therapy, as it helped me to let go of my anxiety and depression for good.

I have worked with many clients suffering from the symptoms of Anxiety and Depression and had success with all who completed the program.  Those who follow the program feel:

  • lighter,
  • see noticeable differences,
  • feel free and enthusiastic,
  • confident,
  • have direction and purpose going forward.

You only have to read the testimonials page to see the differences these processes have made in various people’s lives.  Some of them as far as Amsterdam and Isle of Man.  Book your free consultation now to make the change you want for a better life for yourself.