There is a trend of former college and university students coming to me because they are suffering from low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety following bad career guidance from colleges and universities.  The reason being is that they desire to study a particular course because it is what they want to do, however, their scores don’t allow them to.  The result is that they are then told their next best option.  So a student can go from studying engineering to studying something that would push them into a career totally non-related.

It is becoming more apparent as to why there are so many unhappy people in their jobs today.  And also why so many people don’t have a job.  It’s easy to blame unemployment and the economy because it is all we know.  However, I hear often about people hiring, people moving jobs, and landing good jobs during COVID.

So why are so many people so unhappy in their jobs or without jobs?:

  • Colleges and Universities are steering students away from what they would love to do;
  • We have to ask how accurate their aptitude tests are and do they really guide you to what you would really love to do.  Just because you have certain skills, it doesn’t mean that you would love to invest in that skill for the rest of your life;
  • For those who complete a job satisfaction survey, we have to ask how accurate they are? Are people are afraid of saying they are not entirely satisfied in their job, for the fear of losing their job?;
  • Students who leave university often don’t go into what they have studied because they are not interested in following that line of work. They then sit at home playing games.  If they were guided to the right career they would more confident to find a job;
  • Subconsciously, these same students are possibly feeling they are not good enough for the job they have studied for.  However, it is found that they are not motivated to follow that line of work;

What are the disadvantages of being in the wrong job:

  • Creates low self-esteem;
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Low confidence;
  • Those who do what they love are more productive than those who don’t do what they love in their job;
  • Creates procrastination;
  • Employees are viewed as lazy, however, they are not lazy, they are only in the wrong job;
  • Lack of motivation;

To go further in life and do better, you can be in a job you love.  You can achieve more than you know when you unlock your true potential.  When you have the career guidance that is aligned with what you would love to do.

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