If you are one who feeds on peoples misfortunes even if it is with compassion, you are addicted to drama.  If you are the one with all the news in the company you work for, or are part of cliques who discuss what is wrong with everything such as your boss, the country, your family dilemmas, what is wrong with everyone else’s relationships,  then you are addicted to drama.

It is much easier to deny the addiction to drama then admit that you are unhappy or stressed because you are drawn to drama.  Drama for anyone can be just as addictive as a drug.

Those who are addicted to drama will even create problems in their own lives.  There is an awareness that suddenly arises in your subconscious mind that there is no drama, things are too peaceful. This is when the voice in your head, which we refer to as the ego, may say something along the lines of “things seem to be too peaceful, something is not right”.  So you find a problem in order to create drama that you are used to having.

All of the above can be attributed to trauma that has not been healed in your life.  As a Coach I do not analyse your past, I heal the trauma that took place that has you addicted to drama.

It could be for you, that your subconscious mind believes:

  • In order to feel alive and to survive we must fight as it is part of life to survive and so, create drama;
  • Life doesn’t feel the same if there is no drama. This will then make you feel like you are slipping out of a comfort zone so you react immediately to find drama in your life or in other people’s lives;
  • You may think you do not deserve a good or happy life when all is going well for you, so you subconsciously create drama. The ego needs feeding and this is where drama is created;
  • It could also be that you self-sabotage your life and have become addicted to unhappiness because you feel you do not deserve to be happy;
  • There is this inner conflict within you where one part of you will want drama, yet there is a big part of you that wants peace and happiness in your life. This inner conflict can create so much unhappiness within you;

Without even realising it, drama takes up a lot of your energy and you could be in a constant state of anxiety because of it.

You can have a happy, balanced and stress free life without the drama and negativity that follows it. Take care of yourself and heal yourself.    Call now for an appointment to eliminate the drama and start letting it go for good.