Do you feel as though, one part of you is pushing you forward while another is pulling you back? This feeling can make us feel as though we are stuck in life and reFeeling stuckquire some direction from a professional in order to move past this.

Some don’t find this direction to move on, so they go about their daily lives as usual while weeks, months and for some even years pass while waiting for some miracle to happen to stop us from feeling stuck. 

Most commonly, this feeling happens after being in a bad and/or abusive relationship or even a series of bad relationships, divorce, retrenchment/s, a traumatic experience, rehabilitation, not being happy or bored in a job, or finishing school and not knowing what to do next.  All of these unfortunate circumstances basically boil down to not having direction.

It is unfortunately our ego that allows us to self-sabotage, by putting obstacles in our way.  Obstacles being our comfort zones, false belief systems such as believing we are not good enough, or we are not confident enough, or believing we don’t know what we want and allowing fears, doubt and other negative emotions to get in the way of moving forward.  Our negative emotions fuel the negative belief systems and we suddenly don’t know what to do next.

Having being in this position myself many years ago, I understand the experience.  I am now grateful for going through this, as in my search, I have found excellent tools that allow me to help people move through those obstacles in order to  get back on track for good. 

Remove the obstacles from your life for good so you can move on and get where you want to be in your life.  You deserve so much in life so start working towards that which you can have to move forward and stop feeling stuck.  Love your life, be grateful for everything you have right now and be the best person you can be.