Is feeling ‘not good enough’ a contribution to your anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem? Yes most definitely, and taking things personally is another contributing factor.  Such thoughts and limiting beliefs create emotions that spiral you into a container that will one day explode.

You possibly feel:

  • sad and hurt that you are not good enough;
  • inferior to everyone;
  • not clever enough;
  • not pretty enough;
  • overweight and uncomfortable;
  • that you have nothing of value to add to conversations;
  • people know more than you know;
  • your partner left you because you are not good enough;
  • rejected because you are not good enough;
  • other people deserve more;
  • you are not worthy of a relationship;

What happens next is that you protect yourself, retreat into your shell and become anti-social.  Being social is one of our values as a human.  Taking yourself out of this equation will only weaken you and not strengthen you.

In situations around family or work colleagues, you may overcompensate by pleasing everyone else, and scared to disappoint people in case you feel they won’t like you.  Or you do things for people to prove to yourself that they need you, but this only makes you feel exhausted.  In these scenarios, you stop focussing on yourself and what is important to you.

By acting in this way, you more than likely feel even less worthy as you put everyone else’s needs first.  When you do this you are putting yourself in the ditch while overinflating people and putting them on a pedestal.  This breaks down all belief in yourself, you stop trusting yourself, and your self-worth is really in the ditch.  No one deserves to be in either of these two spaces (on a pedestal or in a ditch), there must be a balance.

In your reality, can you say that you are good enough? – I tell you, yes you are.  It is only in your reality, that you feel not good enough.   Get yourself a pen and paper and take a seat.  Think about where you are good enough.  List as many areas of your life where you have been good enough and keep writing until you feel a shift within you, and you feel you are good enough.

If however, you struggle with this exercise and would like a professional Transformation Coach to help you and guide you along this journey, contact me now for one free session.  Together, we can ensure that you feel good enough and raise your confidence and self-esteem by boosting your belief and trust in yourself.  Feel happier and have peace of mind as you let go of your anxiety and depression.  Breakthrough your limitations and start living a life that you truly would love for yourself.

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