Are you going to allow the current stresses and anxieties about the economy and COVID pandemic to pull you, your career or your business right down into the dumps? You may be finding it difficult to smile or be happy during these trying times.  Your energy may be drained beyond belief.  Managing your career or business in the current circumstances feels like it is too much for you.

Due to all this, it may be a struggle to focus and you feel fatigued most of the day.  It takes a lot of your energy to concentrate.  When it comes to meetings or presentations at work, you are scared to talk for the fear of being judged. In your head, you know what you want to say, but others may think it’s stupid.  Soon after though, someone says exactly what you wanted to say and you beat yourself up for not saying anything.

Medication Vs Natural Remedies

Doctors tell you that you have anxiety due to stress and have prescribed you medicine but for the most part, you don’t like taking tablets. You now realise it’s time to face the facts that you don’t have it together and in order to feel better, a healthier path would be more suitable for you.

I found myself in a place in my life where I spent a long time on anti-depressants. While they helped ease the suffering I felt at the time, there came a point in my life where I realised they were not the answer. I was like a zombie. They helped numb the pain slightly, but not the problem remains.

You don’t have to waste the years that I did on medication. You can stop the downward spiral to your lowest point in life. Happiness, feeling content, free, independent, and whole again is what you deserve. There is potential in living a fulfilled life again just as many of my clients are now doing who also came to me with anxiety.

I use the processes used in the coaching, plus natural oils to support my days as well as meditation. Don’t wait until your absolute lowest point in life, before getting any help.

There Is Hope

Believing in yourself is possible because there is hope in this world.  My associate Sonja and I are hosting a free session to provide guidance on Anxiety and Stress, on the 8th of September 2020  Follow The Know How on Facebook, and watch our events page for more information about this talk and other free talks.  There is potential in living a fulfilled life just as many of my clients are now experiencing from when they first walked in with depression and anxiety. To experience an inspiring and transforming journey with me, Book one free session today.

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