This blog is written and contributed by a client who found his purpose following the Transformation Coaching program.

While working in the corporate world, I often thought I was passionate about my work.   Working hard, playing corporate politics, seeking to be appreciated, managing staff etc. I realised after I left my job that it was an obsession rather than a passion.

What I didn’t realise was that my corporate job wasn’t the passion I have now found. I realise that it was more of an obsession. Obsession, for me, is passion’s evil cousin.

Many of the factors of passion and obsession are the same.  So what is the difference then?
For me, the difference is simple, a passion is under your control, an obsession is something that controls you.

With a passion, you think about what is important to you and what you would love to do in your work. Then doing it, uplifts and inspires you to achieve more in your career. You are in a better mood just thinking about your job, which also improves your surroundings and how you feel from day to day. That passion you have, whatever it is, serves you to do better and overcome obstacles regardless of what it takes.  You have more energy because passion is driving you.  Giving up is not even an option when you do what you love.

An obsession is something that infiltrates the mind when you’re trying to relax, especially when you’re trying to sleep. It will:

  • irritate and control your mood, bringing your energy down
  • due to your ongoing moods, an obsession will likely cause conflict between you and your loved ones
  • you believe your job is something you have to do, rather than something that brings you pleasure

Because I was obsessed, I was moody and miserable and took my bad moods out on those closest to me.  I never believed I could be happy in my job.  Debbie explained that there is a limiting belief people have of, ‘no one is ever passionate about their job’.  This belief blocks those who are unhappy in their career from ever finding their true inner purpose as opposed to being happy in their job.

When you do what you love, work ceases to become a job, it becomes a hobby that you get paid for.  And because you enjoy it, you are naturally passionate about it and therefore successful.

Debbie helped me to identify the obsession and show me how it was affecting those around me.  Following the process, we then worked on my purpose which I now recognise and am working towards.  For over 30 years, my true passion had been hidden within me.  I am now much happier in my life, resulting in those around me also being happier.

If your obsession has consumed you and feel the same way as the writer of this blog once did.  You have the opportunity now to review where you are at in your career and your life.  If you are serious about knowing and following your purpose Contact me today for your one free session.  An added benefit of following the Transformation Coaching program is that you will also master your life.