As a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, I see many clients who are demotivated, uninspired, and procrastinate daily, affecting and lowering their self-esteem.  If you can relate to this, you are not alone.  I felt the same many years ago, and this is what I went through and others are also experiencing now.

With each day that goes by, you go with the flow of life with little direction towards the next step.  You feel inside you, a lack of fulfillment.  You procrastinate and don’t put in the hundred percent that you could actually offer.  Thoughts along the line of “what if you did something that made you feel more interested and determined in your job”.  In the meantime, your self-esteem deteriorates to such an extent that you start having panic attacks.  You have no idea why they come on, but eventually, the anxiety possibly leads to depression.

A part of you would like to make a change in your career.  However, you are possibly so afraid of how people may judge you.  Concerns are raised in your mind, worrying what your parents will say, if you steer away from what you studied, since they paid a lot of money for your this.

However, possibly unbeknown to you, this is becoming a reality of people moving away from what they have spent years studying for.  The reason being, you and them, are not following the skills they are truly passionate about.

So you continue to live by what society says you must do.  You may even feel there is an expectation on you to do what your family or friends say you should do.  So you put them first and not yourself, ignoring what is true or moral to your own values.  Unfortunately, this contributes to breaking down your confidence, worrying, overthinking, and overanalysing.

As time goes by, you doubt your capabilities.  You feel unworthy and undeserving, feel hopeless and a failure.  Possibly, you even look back at failures and disappointing situations and become hard on yourself.  Running yourself down has become a daily habit.  And so has to compare yourself to what your friends and family have achieved.  The effect is that you feel like a failure, a disappointment, and stuck in your situation.

When your confidence is low, you don’t know how to take a chance and live with the consequences.  So you continue to make excuses not to do anything and stay in your comfort zone.  Taking a leap of faith feels scary and you decide to doubt that you can do it.

I understand this, as I have been through it all myself and as mentioned, so have many of my clients.  I felt I love parts of my job while other parts were unfulfilling.  This, amongst other things in my life, contributed to me knowing that there was more to life.  I could never find ‘the more to life’ which only caused further deterioration in my confidence.

Only when I started to follow my purpose in my career, did I finally find true meaning in life and had an inspiring reason to wake up every morning to do what made me happy.  This is when I had more peace of mind and could see a future for myself.  My life changed and I no longer felt stuck.  My self-esteem and worth elevated to new levels.

You can take back control and our power, today.  You can wake up in the morning feeling inspired and motivated to do something fulfilling in your career, as I do every day.  My job, as a Transformational Life Coach in Johannesburg, doesn’t feel like a job, it is rewarding and inspiring for me.  This is where I would love for you to be in your life and in your career.  Contact me today for one free session to raise your self-esteem and be happy, have peace of mind and live a life you deserve.

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