Are you aware of your beliefs that could be causing your anxiety, depression, and anger? Did you know that your beliefs, reinforced by the same or similar consistent thoughts are what will lead you down specific ‘paths’ in your life?

Now, imagine that every belief or desire has supporting thoughts.  These supporting thoughts are going to make a difference to your goals and ambitions in life.  If every belief or desire you have, was one that is based in a:

  • negative connotation
  • lack of….
  • fear
  • doubt
  • hurt
  • pain
  • wanting due to a lack of…

you will struggle to get where you would like to be.  The above-mentioned supporting feelings, thoughts, or beliefs do not back up what you would like to have for yourself.  Let me give you some examples:

  • All I want is happiness – you are always in a state of wanting and not having
  • I would really love to have success – yet you fear success or fear failure
  • You pray and ask for healing of your illness – but all the while you are thinking about how bad or horrible your illness is
  • You have an affirmation of ‘I am rich’ – however, your belief is, ‘money is evil’

Be aware of your thoughts supporting your beliefs which are not aligned with what you would like to have for yourself.  While the supporting belief is that of ‘lack of’, then that is what you will only get more of.  Therefore say you already have it and believe with all your heart you have it, not because of anything other than having and being grateful for what you have. Then doors open up for you.

There is no way to manipulate what you would like to have.  It must come from a place of pure belief and supporting thoughts in gratitude. Be grateful before it even happens.

You have free choice and free will to do as you choose.  Everything in life is designed by choice.  You create the experience you would like to have.

Remember that by choosing a belief, you create your reality.  You cannot walk down the same ‘path’. In other words, if you believe ‘I am not good enough’ then this is a path you choose.  While if you choose to believe ‘I am good enough’ then that is a path you choose.  Which path do you choose for yourself?

These beliefs and thoughts can sit deep in the subconscious causing anxiety, depression, and possible anger. and with our powerful and proven techniques, we can surface them.  By doing this the doors of opportunity open up for you so you can achieve your dreams and desires for a happy, peaceful, and successful life.  Contact me today for a free session so we can identify how the coaching will benefit you.

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