Believing in yourself, your abilities and your skills will raise your self-esteem.  Often, failure to believe in yourself stems from other people’s opinions.  As a result, you minimise yourself and put yourself in the pits while you put others on a pedestal.  Looking at it in this regard, I’m sure you will agree, is not very empowering.

You Put Yourself In The Pits

Putting yourself in the pits ultimately means you lose yourself and forget who you are.  This happens more as you compare yourself to friends, family or colleagues.  Your self-worth and confidence automatically decrease.  If you are not sure what self-worth is, it is not believing in yourself, not loving yourself or valuing yourself.  And amongst others, not feeling worthy of anything.

How It Affects Relationships

I have many clients who do not believe in themselves.  Their insecurities hold them back from a better, more valuable and balanced relationship.  Domination in a relationship, whether it be between partners or someone at work, is caused by an imbalance in the relationship.

Some make excuses for men who abuse them physically or emotionally.  They rely, in one way or another, on their partner to fill voids in their life.  Consequently, they live their life depressed and anxious with so many fears.  They believe they are not good enough, they are emotionally damaged or believe there is no way out when there actually is.  Their partner hasn’t helped them to feel better either by pointing out the good and positive about them, preferring to run them down with no support to maintain their dominance in the relationship.

Benefits of Believing In Yourself Again

Believing in yourself is a valuable asset to have.  No money, partner, job, car, or a big house can ever replace the power behind believing in yourself.  Knowing you are worthy, loving yourself and valuing yourself is priceless.

Here are two examples of questioning your belief in yourself, which you could change to suit your own circumstances.  If you were your own boss, would you hire 100 of the same as you to help you run your business?  What if you wrote a book? Would you believe in the value of the content enough that you would buy one million copies of your own book to resell?  Or maybe, if you started a business, would you buy your own product to the value of R10 million?  If the answer is yes to whichever may be appropriate, then you are the best employee everyone would want to hire, or you have a great book or a great business.

How Transformation Coaching Will Lead You To Believe In Yourself Again

Clients transform when they start believing in themselves.  Things start happening for them as their lives transform for the better.  Their relationships change, for some they move to better jobs. Family and friends around them see the change.  Those who have their own businesses see improvements and become more creative.  In order to believe in yourself once again and experience life-changing Transformation Coaching in Johannesburg to improve the direction of your life, contact me now to make an appointment to meet for a free session.