The Busy (Ego) Mind Part 1

Many people who come to me complain about having a busy mind.  One of their requests for help is to quieten the mind.  The cause of a noisy head/mind is living subconsciously in autopilot.  This allows the ego to take control of your life from day to day where there is no direction, no clarity.  You live from day to day or year to year allowing things to happen to you.

The subconscious mind can sometimes be your best friend.  Yet it can also be your worst enemy if you are not aware of your thoughts and the stories your ego mind tells you.  For some people, their mind is very busy and there is no stop or pause button.  Even at bedtime, it’s like a talk radio station that can’t be switched off.  The mind is full of worry, stress, negative beliefs, bad habits and bad feelings, as well as full of regrets.

The ego loves to feed on these and can be extremely critical.  It will cause you to dwell on the past, as well as worry about the future. This can have a negative impact on you and the world around you.   By doing this you are not living in the now.  Nor are you appreciating all that you have and that which is all around you.

You then go into a downward spiral where life becomes hard and bad things continue happening to you.

What Happens When The Mind Is Quiet

The mind is amazing and powerful if you use it correctly and for your own good. 

Part of the coaching technique employed will assist you to achieve a quiet mind and through this, you are then able to recognise your ego mind.  When you are aware of your ego mind, you will have been given effective ways to deal with it and accept it.

The joy of not being involved in a constant spiral of internal dialogue with yourself is empowering.  And rather than dwelling on those mistakes from the past, which we have all made, you can accept that you can’t change them but that you can take the learnings from them.  This is also known as taking responsibility for your actions.

Once the mind is quiet, then you can appreciate the feeling of living in the now.  By living in the now you take in the sights, the sounds, the colours and the smells and appreciate what this wonderful world has to offer you.

The Benefits of A Quiet Mind

Opportunities are now easy to see and available for you.  You can now fill your mind with new experiences, you’ll notice things you haven’t before and turn your thoughts to things that bring you joy, rather than having your ego telling you long negative stories about you.  This is what then creates negative beliefs, which then creates negative emotions.  Furthermore, you also create bad habits around these negative beliefs.

Each one of us has incredible power within our own mind to change our perception and how we perceive our world. As your life coach, I will teach you how to manage your thoughts and be in control of your life.  Rather than having your thoughts control you where you are reactive.

When you remove the clouds of emotions, negative beliefs, bad habits of doing the same things which are not good for you, you then allow the sun to shine brightly through.  Thus giving you clarity, peace and freedom of your inner world.

And once that happens, a world of possibilities will open up to you.  You are now in control of your ‘ship’.

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