How do you accept change when it affects you to the point of feeling anxious and depressed?  Every time you feel anxious, you have panic attacks.  You cannot breathe, your chest tightens up and you feel you are having heart problems.  Feeling fatigued along with the lack of concentration becomes a common trend in your daily life. Due to this, you are forgetful and you would rather withdraw from the world and go to sleep than face people or anything for that matter.

Unexpected change, as we are currently experiencing, can be terrifying for some.  People are afraid they will lose their homes, jobs, money, friends or family, or anything familiar.   Change is happening around us quickly, impacting on all parts of our lives.  For example the economy, people, weather, society, how we interact with each other as well as many more.

Heraclitis said the only constant in life is change.  Yet, change can be so hard to accept.  When change is sprung on you with such a significant impact, as it has with COVID-19, you are not prepared for it. This virus in particular has affected the entire world with change everywhere.

Change occurs when it’s time for you to evolve and grow as a person.  The intervention of COVID throughout the world happened for many reasons, and I believe one of the reasons is that faster change needed to happen in the world.  We just have to look at the improvement of the environment to see how COVID has brought some good to the world.

A client recently mentioned how she and her friends over a zoom chat, shared their realisations during lock-down that they were so tired of their jobs.  Staying in their jobs and their comfort zones were easier than finding another job.  This is an indication of what was previously denied or overlooked as they previously went about their daily lives.  Looking at their life now with a different lense, they can admit their desire for change.

COVID-19 is your opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Master new or underutilised skills
  • Use what you have mastered up to now and turn it into a business
  • Discover your new life purpose
  • Do what you have been wanting to but have been putting off
  • Create better relationships
  • Spend quality time with loved ones
  • Change what is no longer working for you
  • Put your energy into what makes you happy and what gives you more energy
  • Choose this as a gift to make changes and a chance to use it as an opportunity and align your passion with your purpose
  • Last but not least, change from within to make the most of your life going forward

Accepting change is like having the wind in your sails and moving along with ease.  However when you resist change, it is like trying to sail into the wind – your sails are facing the wrong direction.  Stop fighting and start accepting.

When you look back later on in life, you will realise the year 2020 was a turning point in your life if you chose to make the most of it.  You can come out of it better, stronger, empowered, and start living your best life.

In order to make positive changes for you while having direction and clarity going forward from here onwards, I encourage you to book one free session with me.  In this session, we can discuss how you can make the most of this lock-down opportunity.  At the same time, I can coach you to let go of the old.  Let go of the anxiety and depression which no longer serves you and embrace and accept the new.  The sooner you accept change the sooner you can move on with your life and I can boost positive change for you, using our proven techniques.