People have different views of what consciousness is, but ultimately it is a consistent awareness a person will have of themselves and their surroundings. Being conscious is a path towards your purpose in life.

If you could imagine this for a few seconds: that living an ‘unconscious life’ is like having the sun being covered by black clouds of emotions, blocking all opportunities and potential within. Similarly, using the same metaphor, consciousness is removing the black clouds to allow the sun to shine through, so purely and powerfully.  Above all illuminating your life and highlighting the path towards your goals and dreams.

For many people, the achievement of their dreams would be to find themselves in their dream job, a job that doesn’t feel like a job, it feels like a hobby. Many people don’t enjoy their job and live in an unconscious state of mind leading to despondency.

A client once asked me, what if everyone was fully conscious?

Well, that would be utopia, I replied. All of humankind would be fully aware of themselves and others, their eyes would be open to the limitless possibilities. First of all, as humans, one of our many purposes in this life is to create.  Being more open to it through consciousness would mean creativity would bloom in the world.  We must live our purposes in order to evolve as we are meant to. Furthermore, another of our purpose is to love and live peacefully.  As a result of living this way, we would spread love and peace.  Due to more of us living out many of our true purposes, there would be no war.  There would be no hunger, poverty and suffering as we would find ways to stop this.

The client continued with another question.  ‘But if everyone was performing their dream job, who would perform the mundane jobs?’ Who would collect our rubbish and clean our toilets, for example?

That’s an excellent question, I replied. There are some people who would not consider these as mundane jobs.  Hence this is just a label.  Remember not everyone has the same passion in life, this is what makes us different and makes life different.  They would derive satisfaction from cleanliness or pride in their sense of duty for cleaning.

However consider the toilet, just for this purpose. Not nice I know, but the basic principle of a toilet has remained unchanged for over a hundred years. What if a fully conscious person has a revolutionary idea and invents a self-cleaning toilet? Or invents the machine that could clean it without the need for a person?  The possibility is there within them, however, the person destined to do this may be living in the subconscious mind. 

Living through the subconscious mind is where you are driven by emotions such as fears, doubts, anxiety.  As well as negative and limiting beliefs.  You are therefore not open to opportunities.  Nor are you living in your full creative state and therefore miss the opportunity to create something that could possibly make you millions.

‘Wouldn’t that put people out of jobs if everyone is inventing something new and replacing humans with machines?’ replied the client.

‘More technical jobs would be created’ I replied.  This person who develops the self-cleaning toilet would have the opportunity to sell his idea worldwide.  Thus creating more technical jobs in order for all to evolve as humans.  The opportunities are abundant.  Only we stop ourselves from success, opportunities and all that is available to us.

It is a large and interesting topic.  But just think, if we could all work at what we were truly passionate about, how it would benefit humankind. Who’s to say that a petrol pump attendant couldn’t write the next Beethoven’s 5th.  Or possibly the next Stairway to Heaven.  Who’s to say that a taxi driver hasn’t got an idea to ease inner-city traffic.  Possibly a farmer has an idea that would cure cancer.

We are all incredible and each of us has the potential to improve the quality of life for each other.  Whether it be through music, making a journey easier, ending disease or even with something like a self-cleaning toilet. That potential, all too often, isn’t unlocked because people are ‘unconscious’. They, therefore don’t appreciate just how amazing they are, yet they limit their creativity by living unconsciously.

All of my clients have moved further into the conscious mind by letting go of emotions and limiting beliefs.  This has served them in their jobs or their businesses.  Because they have become emotionally intelligent, they have more control over their mind and their life.  They are also more resilient to challenges in the outside world.  All of these contribute to a better life for you.

You only need to read my testimonials to see what differences it has made for them in their lives to become more conscious. If seven billion people became more conscious, there is no limit to what humankind could achieve.