When you balance your life and follow purpose of life, you are in a better frame of mind to avoid depression and anxiety.

A balanced life requires that you spend a relevant amount of time in each of the following areas: work, family, social, spiritual, mental, physical, community, and financial.  Anything in extreme is not good for anyone.  Therefore too much time in one particular area is going to take time away from another area.  You don’t feel fulfilled when these areas are out of balance.  But also you don’t feel fulfilled when you are not living according to your purpose of life.

I never understood the concept of a fulfilled life nor a balanced life.  Due to a popular book out there, I attempted to live only a positive life as suggested. Needless to say, it didn’t work.  My life was a roller coaster of ups and, mighty downs.  And the reason why it didn’t work was that everything must be in balance within and without.  You see, many of us seek pleasure and avoid pain.  You can’t have one without the other.  Wisdom is to look and acknowledge both sides –its balance.  And again….everything must be in balance.

What to do

  • Be aware of what your conscious values and your subconscious values are. These are usually not aligned, and it takes conscious awareness to align them.
  • Have morning rituals to help you every day to have a balanced life:
    • Set your intentions for the day as soon as you wake up in the morning
    • Get beyond the analytical mind that fires up when you allow it to start thinking about problems first thing in the morning. If you allow the analytical mind to start it’s chatter, your brain waves link to past negative experiences and allow your feelings and thoughts of the past, to take over.  You are now living in the past rather than in the present moment;
    • Change your brainwaves through daily meditation. This is where you learn to control the mind;
    • Stop following the same routine every day. By doing this your brainwaves change and are no longer in the same patterns;
    • Exercise as this quietens the mind and at the same time, will lift your energy and help you to feel more relaxed

When you live life aimlessly, you follow the same routine.  You fall out of bed on the same side every day, go to the toilet, make your coffee in your same favorite mug. Follow the same route to work, and do the same things there.  The brain stays the same and growth doesn’t take place.  By attending these programs on offer with Inspirational Futures, you will learn new ways to grow and develop and find exciting ways to live life, more balanced;

More and more people are changing their life during this pandemic and I would hate for you to be left behind.  Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them so change your thinking and start doing things differently from before so you are not stuck in one year from now, or five years from now, still in the same routine…. no further along in life

As said by Tony Robbins…..You don’t want a normal life, you don’t want a good life, you don’t want an excellent life – You want an outstanding life.  Squeeze every bit of juice that life has to offer to you.  Be that person who arrives in heaven skidding sideways and saying….wow, what a ride.  It’s an old saying but one I still love.  Take your life to the next level, get out of your comfort zone.

When I decided many years ago to change my life and move away from depression and anxiety, and live according to my purpose of life, my life changed for the better.  You can do the same.  by making a change, this is when my life made a change for the better.  You have the opportunity to do this as well.

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