You battle to sleep at night, worrying, stressing, and feeling nervous about all the uncertainty you face, while this is making you feel anxious, depressed while questioning your purpose of life.  While this is going on in your head, you physically have less and less energy and you begin to withdraw from your life.

There is no off switch for this self-talk while you are awake.  It is exhausting and draining as the negative thoughts run like a hamster on a wheel.  It seems the only way to stop it, is to sleep. Therefore, as long as you are at home you find yourself will either zoning into the television or you will sleep.  When you awaken in the morning, you feel fatigued.  You feel fatigued because the thoughts continue to run while you are sleeping.  This is not the solution.

As much as health and fitness are important so is your mental health and wellbeing as this determines how we feel, think, and respond to the inner and outer world.   Your choices in life establish your path in terms of your beliefs and the way you feel about it.  We all have the benefit of making our own choices.

Choices are however lost when there is too much self-talk that creates overthinking and over-analyzing.  Due to this, you create beliefs for yourself and attach emotions to it.  This ends up as self-sabotage, and you make excuses while putting obstacles in your way.

  There are various ways to stop the mental self-talk, which I have listed below:

  • Do something you love every day that stops you from thinking (sleeping is not the answer for the reason mentioned above. Sleep to rest, not to stop over-thinking).  Do art, meditation, stare at a fish tank or into a flame, coloring-in or, do suduko.  Yes your mind is thinking, but it’s thinking about other things than your problems);
  • Exercise – go for walks, hikes, swim, yoga, pilates, cycle, jog – do something that you enjoy;
  • Have a greater awareness of your self-talk;
  • Be in the present moment;
  • Whatever negative story yourself, change it to a positive story;
  • Remain in a state of gratitude and feel it in your gut;
  • Stop trying to control what you cannot control i.e. what other people do, say, or think; politics; money; things you perceive as bad around the world.  Unless it serves your highest purpose and you believe you can make a difference to help then do what you can to help;

Mental well-being will lead to a more balanced life. When you are in control of your thoughts you have direction.  You will have peace of mind and be happy again.  You will find meaning and purpose and you are generally on the right path of where you are going in life.

Stop the mind that is spinning on the hamster wheel that is creating depression and anxiety.  The busy mind stops you from following your purpose of life.  In order to experience all of this, I have the tools that can help you to get where you would like to be.  Book today for your free consultation and transform your life to feel better and have peace of mind.

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