As a Transformational Life Coach in Johannesburg, I hear so many stories where adults were once run down by their parents which has now led to depression, anxiety, and even low self-esteem.  One or both parents have told their children:

  • you are useless;
  • you will never amount to anything;
  • don’t work hard enough;
  • not giving your best;
  • you’re an ugly person;
  • you are rubbish;
  • you are nothing;

If this is you now as an adult, you may be putting on a strong appearance on the outside, yet on the inside, there is much hurt, pain and low self-worth.  You have very little love for yourself and also, very little belief in yourself.  Maybe you chose the path to prove your parent/s wrong and this has benefitted you.  However, you may be the one who remains stuck in life.

This emotional abuse has made you feel:

  • you are continuously being judged by others;
  • the need to stop caring about yourself and put more energy into caring about others. Thus causing you to feel you have no value and no self-worth;
  • that you are black sheep of the family;
  • as though you should overthink and overanalyse everything. By the time you are an adult the thoughts in your head are unending and uncontrollable;
  • that you are not recognised, not heard or not seen or all three;
  • you must compare yourself to family members who are perceived to be ‘more successful’ so you have something to measure up to. Yet you are not them and won’t be like them.  You are your own person;
  • what is the point of life?
  • you just exist. You don’t live life;

There is good and bad in everything and always balance.  Each will have its benefits but not everyone is strong enough to find the good that came from it.  Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the good in something really bad, which is understandable.  It is there though and once you find it, you will find peace within.

Being on the receiving end of emotional abuse, especially as a child, can be traumatic.  Through the processes used for trauma, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem you can recover and leave the past in the past, once and for all.  As your Transformational Life Coach (in Johannesburg), I am available to meet with you for one free session, in a trusting environment, to discuss your experience.  And then show you how I can help you to feel confident and raise your self-esteem.  You are then able to live a happy, inspired, motivated, and life once again, with peace of mind.

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