There are many options to further our education in order to improve our mental intelligence, which is wonderful.  But not much is out there besides books, with not enough tools, to teach you emotional intelligence. 

With world suicide day now in place, it would confirm for me there is not enough being done from an emotional intelligence point of view.  Many people carry so much anger within them, while others are suffering with anxiety and depression and/or have low self-esteem.

We find ourselves reacting to people, reacting to circumstances and the drama in the news.  Then we create all sorts of emotions and beliefs which we programme into our mind and carry all of this around like a very heavy backpack on our shoulders every day.  Because of the weight we feel we snap at everyone around us, even those we love.

Some turn to medication to numb the feelings and the pain.  For my psychiatrist and for me, medication seemed to be the only answer for me to cope many years ago.  But as I look back on my life, I realise now that it didn’t help me to deal with the issue in the moment, which stumps inner growth.  The medication was just a coping mechanism at the time, for as long as I needed it. 

When I was weaned off the medication (through my choice and my instruction to the psychiatrist) I still had to deal with the issues ten years later.  The only way I knew how to deal with them, was to react based on my emotions and beliefs.  My emotional intelligence was low and I reacted in negative ways which impacted those I loved around me.  This left me with much regret which was then another emotion to deal with and let go of.

The benefits of emotional intelligence are:

  • Self-awareness and recognising the emotion, then dealing with it
  • Strong resilience to what happens around you
  • Willpower and motivation
  • Ability to be rational rather than irrational
  • Empathy
  • Social skills

The techniques I use in Transformation Coaching, will improve your Emotional Intelligence in leaps and bounds as it did mine.  I will also provide you with the tools to manage your emotions from day to day.  Having emotional intelligence will improve your inner growth, enable you to be more logical, analytical, rational and more proactive.  

If you would like to be emotionally intelligent, book a free session with me now to find out more.