Experience The Most Phenomenal Technique Known As Family Constellations And Systemic Constellations, That Has The Power To Transform Your Life With Permanent and Noticeable Shifts

Specialised and proven techniques are used to ensure you have a solution for whatever situation is making you feel depressed, anxious, angry, fearful, doubtful, lacking confidence, resistant to change or anything limiting you from being enough or more than you thought you could be.  Unresolved issues can also stop you from moving forward, making you feel stuck with no purpose.

Family Constellations And Systemic Constellations (Mind Mapping) Is All-Encompassing Of:

  • Alignment with personal values such as:  Family, mental, spiritual, social, self-worth, vocation (career), physical, financial;
  • Letting Go Of Trauma so you may move forward confidently.  After a traumatic experience myself, I transformed my life in a very short time;
  • Breaking Patterns Of Behavior That Continue Through Family Genes.  We unfortunately don’t always see how the patterns paly out until you sit with a professional who is trained to see the familiar patterns. You then have the opportunity to change them;
  • Root issues that stem from a young age, and once you remove the root the issue is gone for good;
  • Raising your self-esteem;
  • Living a lifestyle you love;
  • Making informed decisions that will benefit you, and/or your company;
  • Alignment with goals, mission and vision;
  • Company strategies;

All the above helps you to navigate life more fully and naturally with loving and caring support. These techniques are designed to improve your life and your mental well-being.

What You Can Work On, In A Family Constellation Or Systemic Constellation (Mind Mapping) Session:

  • Any belief and emotion that is holding you back, such as:  Fears, anxiety, doubts, hurt, anger or any other emotions that take over;
  • Relationship issues at home or at work;
  • Business concerns, obstacles or limits;
  • Aligning values;
  • Raising self-worth;
  • Anger issues;
  • Discovering the right career for you;
  • Making pertinent decisions on personal, business, or work issues;
  • Money patterns of behaviour for example: continuously losing money/suffering due to having no money/fear of losing money / emotional about money / bad relationship with money
Bookings are essential, so take the opportunity now to book with Debbie by email: debbie@inspirationalfutures.co.za or on WhatsApp on 061-563-0916

What Is Family Constellations or Systemic Constellations (Mind Mapping)?

Mind Mapping or what is also known as Systemic Constellations, approaches and explores ways in your personal life or at work that may be difficult for you. These profound and proven techniques provide options to resolve your most complicated problems.

Patterns of behavior repeat themselves from our family lines and through the mind mapping, they can be aligned allowing these patterns to resolve and not to be repeated again.

Through stress, trauma, and other challenges we tend to ‘lose parts’ of ourselves.  Mind Mapping/Constellations, aims to align and bring them back together.  As a result, you feel more balanced, grounded, at peace in your mind, and improved life – whether at work, relationships or in general in life.

Additionally, by not being aligned with your values, it can be difficult to achieve your goals. Through Mind Mapping/Constellations, we can align your values so you have direction and clarity of your most important values and priorities.  This way you willingly and easily adjust to what is most important to you, instead of compromising to please others or to fall back into a comfort zone.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Have confidence & peace of mind
  • Balance emotions
  • Heal family issues and patterns of repeated behaviours
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Develop new life scripts and become more present
  • Mind mapping for improved mental well-being
  • Overcome financial obstacles
  • Align your values such as (family, mental, career, physical, financial, spiritual, self-awareness, social, knowledge)

Results:  Improved mental well-being as you experience more peace and compassion, for a more fulfilled life.

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Check Out The Benefits By Attending A Group Family Constellation Or Systemic Constellation (Mind Mapping) Sessions

Health improvement by doing a family constellation

See here how a group Constellation improved Natasha’s life.  Book today for a group or individual session by emailing Debbie on debbie@inspirationalfutures.co.za or WhatsApp Debbie on 061-563-0916.

Penny has done group constellations with us here at Inspirational Futures.  She has also joined our retreats where we do constellations.  You can hear her feedback following her very powerful constellation

Self-esteem upliftment through family constellations

Aimee was able to uplift her self-esteem through self-reflection in a group constellation.  Book today for a group or individual session by emailing Debbie on debbie@inspirationalfutures.co.za or WhatsApp Debbie on 061-563-0916.

Above the Video Testimonials, Here is What Others Achieved From Group Constellations:

  • noticeable shifts with a ripple effect with people
  • trauma releases that held people back and are now able to move forward in life with a boost
  • more love, care, support
  • sense of belonging
  • sense of peace, understanding, and compassion resulting in happier and lasting outcomes
  • Improved sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  • calmer and more able to handle situations in a more proactive manner
  • improved relationships at home and at work
  • realisations that are life-changing
  • emotional intelligence
  • new and improved perspectives
  • improved emotional intelligence
  • change in relationship with money

About Your Facilitator:  Debbie

I am an experienced Master Transformation and Career Coach, certified by the Transformation Coaching Academy, a member of the International Coaching Registrar and I have five years’ experience in Transformation Coaching both in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

With over two decades of communicating and interacting with personnel at all levels, I realised that too many people face depression, anxiety, many fears of failure and even success, much self-doubt, anger, not knowing their purpose or reason for existence, and therefore lack of belief in themselves.  They have no direction and clarity of where they are headed in life and aimlessly go along from one year to the next on autopilot.  This has a serious impact on people’s emotional wellbeing and in turn, affects their physical well-being.  Work pressure and family situations are negative, thus inhibiting people from living their best lives.

The in-depth knowledge I gained decided my own future career path, and I became determined to assist those who needed guidance in order to live fulfilled lives.

In 2015, having earned my Certification as a Master Coach, Transformation Coach, Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner, I founded Inspirational Futures, an organisation dedicated to guiding all those who have reached a turning point in their lives and who are seeking positive and long-lasting transformation.  Powerful coaching tools are used by a team of specialists in their particular fields to break through fears and negative, limiting beliefs holding people back in their lives.

I use the principles I learned – in addition to my own life experiences and growth – to apply tailored solutions to unique situations with verified success.

Inspirational Futures also provides people with the necessary tools for financial freedom and transformational coaching that will help them to know and understand their hierarchy of values.  The provision of skills for successful goal setting is powerfully liberating.

I am proud to have encouraged many people to reach a breakthrough in stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem while raising people’s emotional intelligence.  I am also inspired to guide others to follow their purpose in life so they may live a more fulfilled life.

The outcome, which is my true passion, is to successfully inspire people to unlock their true potential which will lead them to live a life they love from day to day

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