If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be to let go of all fears throughout life.  Fears are created from within and therefore only an illusion created in our own mind, and often also created by outside influences adopted throughout our life.

We speak to those closest to us about our fears and we ask for advice and while they believe they are providing the best advice, they can also sometimes push their own fears on to us.  You have your own personal values and if you know and live by your values you will not allow others to push their values or their fears on to you, and you will have a better understanding of when it is their fears and not yours, helping to make better decisions throughout your life.

The more challenges encountered at different intervals in our lives and the more we face or deal with our fears, the more we grow within ourselves and develop good life skills.  When we are faced with fears and challenges we often perceive things as ‘things going wrong’ and it can sometimes feel as though our world is crashing down around us.  The lesson to remember here is that there is always good in what we perceive as bad and vice versa.

When you have a dream or a vision, start taking baby steps towards that dream.  It’s up to you to assess your situation and the viability of your intentions and then do your research, know your values so you don’t waste time and money doing things you will hate doing.

Fears are created through our ego to protect us and keep us in our comfort zones.  It is therefore important to have this awareness and realisation of when this is happening to you.  Challenges will always come along to test your true intentions, so know your values, live by them, and always be true to yourself.

We have never been taught to deal with our fears in order to overcome them, and doing this is truly for our best interests and growth.  I recognise my fears, I have the tools to address any new fears that come up and I can help you too with this as I am a qualified Transformational Coach who can help you to address your fears.