Beliefs linked to emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem will ruin you and ruin your life if you do not let them go.  Without letting the emotions go, they will keep you irrational, trapped, stuck and afraid.

Emotions lead you down a path where you may experience:

  • irritation, frustration and anger. Suppressed anger or anger that is not dealt with eventually results in rage.  Road rage is one example.  A physical fight is another example.  The source of both is from built-up anger that has now led to rage.  Worst case scenario is that it could possibly take you on an unpleasant legal route;
  • an argument, confronted with something that could cause you to become defensive, or you are challenged;
  • emotions of hurt, sadness, disappointment causing you to overprotect yourself unnecessarily;
  • staying in comfort zones due to fears;
  • a sense of control and therefore you feel empowered. However, when we delve into each emotion it is found that you are really not in control;
  • feelings that you are a victim;
  • anxiety due to fears;
  • depression resulting from unresolved and suppressed emotions;
  • feeling less and less worthy until your self-esteem is so low it feels like a never-ending deep dark black hole. The source of this is from when you stopped believing in yourself or stopped loving yourself.  These are only some examples of the source, while there are many, many more.

The advice you possibly once received from family or friends has not helped you thus far.  Consequently, you read books that provide good advice but don’t actually tell you how to deal with your emotions.

Some books will even tell you ‘let it go’ but they do not provide the necessary guidance as to how.  In the meantime, your emotions are running wild within and you are snapping at everyone.  You know you are doing it and this creates further emotions of guilt, shame and even regret.  Because of this massive negative energy flow within you, your energy drops.

This is when your EQ drops and it becomes harder and harder to control your emotions.

In my own experience, I was a very sensitive person which made me a very emotional person.  I took everything personally.  I had no idea how to manage my emotions.  In fact, I thought that emotion like anger, was essential because then you are in control.

Through the processes and the programs designed to deal with emotions and beliefs, I was able to let go of all the above I mentioned that ruled me.  I am now more in control of my emotions and more conscious of my choices to use emotions or not to use them.  I realise the consequences of my choices before and therefore proactive.  It is not a process either to make a choice, it can happen in seconds.

In order for you to benefit and increase your emotional intelligence as well as learn how to let go, join me on a journey of transformation.  Along this journey, you will also master of your life as you also understand the power of your mind.  When you master your life you have high self-esteem.  You let go fo your anger.  There is no longer a threat or reality of living with anxiety and depression   If you are serious about transforming your life,  I am a Life Coach in Johannesburg and would love to meet with you for a free consultation.

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