For some reason,  I had this misconception that I had to fight my way through life which brought out a lot of anger within me.

Some people go on to deny they have an anger problem. They will reach almost uncontrollable rage before they seek out help.  Others will possibly hurt themselves or someone they love.  Those who admit they have an anger issue have the opportunity to change their life before they fall into desperate times.

Those who battle with managing their anger know the emotions start with irritation and onto frustration.  This only enhances the anger and having it burst wide open eventually.  Losing all control or rational thinking can be a result of this process. You react rather than be proactive when emotions take over.  A vengeful and antagonistic state of mind is created bringing you to an all-time low.

What is done or said in the heat of the moment can never be taken back.  We live with such deep regret and guilt afterward and for some even shame.

Family or work relationships built up over many years can be destroyed in seconds. You know you have hurt someone or several people you love, including yourself. You know deep down this is not who you want to be.  Nor what you want for yourself or for others.

Many years ago, I would fight for everything that I believed in. I made everything a fight and all along I thought this would make me stronger.  However, it made me weaker as the more I fought against life, against people, fought for my marriage, my children, and family, the harder my life became.  I became more emotional and suffered as I resisted the way things are, and had to fight my way through life.  At least, that’s what I thought.

Through my inner growth, I have realized that fighting your way through life is exhausting, restrictive and a struggle.  I realized that this was not who I am or who I chose to be.

Using my coaching processes, I overcame my anger issues and as I did, my health started to improve as well as the restrictions I put on myself due to anger.  If you would like to find out more about how to let go of your anger, frustration, irritation, and possibly even rage, contact me now.  You can then experience as I now experience, calmness, and control of situations.  As well as better relationships, better health, and freedom in life.

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