The question of ‘what is my purpose?’ is asked so many times. More and more want to understand their purpose of life.  The question in most instances goes unanswered leaving you feeling stuck, frustrated, demotivated, anxious, and probably even stressed.

The main reasons why so many people feel lost, frustrated, unhappy, and unfulfilled:

  • You are feeling stuck in life with no direction. You know there is more to life, more for you to offer the world but you have no idea what it is.
  • Boredom, frustration, stress contributes to you feeling unhappy in your job. It is a daily dread going into work.  And often find yourself spending your week looking forward to Fridays and hating Mondays.
  • Discover your career choice was a mistake. Millions leave school not knowing what to do as a career. Aptitude tests focus on skills alone, rather than identifying your passion.  You could choose to base your future on the test results, or study towards a degree that will ensure financial comfort.  Your only satisfaction thereafter is that you would have money, but where you should feel fulfilled, there is just a void.
  • ‘I have to work hard to make a lot of money is an outdated belief that doesn’t bring any satisfaction. If this is your belief then you will always be working hard to make a lot of money (while being stressed) instead of doing what you love and still making a lot of money, or at least feeling fulfilled!
  • Fearing failure or fearing success sounds unbelievable, yet true. You continually question yourself… ’What will people say if I succeed?  What will people say if I fail?’  Fears are emotions fuelled by your limiting beliefs.

Aptitude tests have not given you the answers you are looking for.  You often wish that someone would provide you with some guidance so you have a clear path because you know, your ambition and passion will drive you to achieve this.  If only you knew the answer.  Your story is my story, I also felt alone as no one understood, and it felt as if no one was going through what I was going through.

Ten years ago I was retrenched and desperate to find my purpose.  I searched on the internet and could not find the answers anywhere.  No one seemed to specialise in this area and I didn’t know what to do about it.  Working in the corporate world, never felt like my passion was 100% there like it is now. I had several businesses but never followed through as there was no passion. The passion I had in my jobs and businesses was always short-lived as I would get bored and frustrated.  So I moved on to another.  In certain areas of my job, I wasn’t confident.  This was caused by judging myself which only depleted my self-esteem over the years.  In my businesses and my corporate jobs, it was too easy to give up.

When you do what you love, your confidence won’t drop and you won’t ever give up.  If you find your work challenging, intriguing yet fun, and rewarding, you are following your calling. Should things fall apart, it is because you have either not challenged yourself to grow or you are on the wrong path.   Since I have been doing what I love as my career, I have realised more and more what I was doing wrong. And how and what I am doing currently has led me to succeed because I now do what I love.  My job is not a job, and I tell people I don’t work because I love what I do every day.

Discover your passion before choosing your knowledge and career path

By completing the Unique Purpose Finder questionnaire today, you have the opportunity in two hours with me to discover your purpose of life.  Be sure that you are following your calling and your purpose in life. Knowing and living your passion and purpose is freedom within, peace, and happiness when you are passionate every day about what you do.

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