When we are inflamed by frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions, our brainwaves are affected.  They behave irrationally, shooting all over the place incoherently. Always thinking – good and bad, cruel and kind, positive and negative and so on, the brain moves into high beta and you get caught up in negative thinking.

This is where mindfulness meditation becomes a useful tool.  The purpose is to get past the ego/monkey mind and into the subconscious mind.

The incessant stream of thinking

Those who are logical minded, are usually stuck in their heads.  It can be harder to get through the door to your subconscious.

When asking my clients about the voice of the incessant thinking, most will admit to having it, while others will deny they have it.  They ask “what voice?” and look at me as if I am crazy.  Unfortunately, they are not aware of the unobserved ego/monkey mind as yet.

You can become identified with the incessant stream of compulsive thinking.  One client said but that is my voice – it is me.  I had to reassure them that it wasn’t them and it is not who they are.  Another client said ‘but we are supposed to have a busy mind’.  The answer is no you are not supposed to have a busy mind, this is an unproductive mind.  It is the one that keeps you awake at night, makes you feel worse than you already feel, and telling you all kinds of negative stories about yourself.

Most of this thinking from the ego/monkey mind is repetitive and pointless.  I remember once being aware of my thought and I let it run while observing it, and the same sentence repeated at least 20 times.  This is completely unnecessary and programs the subconscious mind.  The busier the ego/monkey mind, the harder it is to get through that door, that door is much thicker for the thinkers.  It’s much more work to get beyond ourselves.

6 Tricks to quieten the analytical ego/monkey mind:

  • Conscious awareness of your thoughts
  • Be able to tell the difference between conscious thinking and the analytical/criticising ego/monkey mind thinking
  • Get past the monkey mind with all your habits, emotions, beliefs which have and are creating your patterns of behaviors
  • Recognize the analytical ego/monkey mind as disillusion and slowly it will fade away
  • Meditation to create conscious awareness
  • Let go of emotions, habits, strategies, emotions, and values that no longer serve you

Programming the subconscious mind

When we attempt to program the subconscious mind with affirmations and we are in the analytical ego/monkey mind, the information can’t get through. You overanalyse the information and it doesn’t make it to where you need it to go –  the subconscious mind. When you can stop overanalysing and reach a state of openness during meditation – you are in an open mind.  You are accepting while you can take in the affirmations and feel them, and  fuel them with good emotion.

You can also then program your subconscious mind to the destiny of your choice.  One that is in alignment with your goals.

Through meditation, you can regulate your brainwaves on a more permanent level.  The more you slow down the analytical or monkey mind, the further you can move deeper into a meditative state.  You have the ability to heal yourself physically and emotionally from frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions.  Join me on the 15th of July for a meditation class.  In this class, I will teach about meditations and the brain and then teach you how to meditate. Be the master of your life today, by healing yourself emotionally and physically through meditation by booking here for your meditation class at early bird discounted payment of only R445-00.